Count Me In

During the month of September 2009 SheFinds is running a promotion with Count Me In to raise money for the organization and help boutique designers get the word out about their designs.  Be sure to check out all the Count Me In products from the designers this month.

During that time we will feature women’s accessories, apparel, and beauty items from independent designers who have created an original piece that incorporates either the motto “Believe In You” , the Count Me In logo, and/or the official Count Me In colors into the design.  The designer will need to pledge to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of that piece to Count Me In.
Please TELL other independent designers about this promotion too!

The Lowdown:

1. What is Count Me In?
Count Me In is the leading national not for profit provider of online business loans, resources, and community for women entrepreneurs. Their mission is to promote economic independence and the growth of women owned businesses.

2. What are the design specifications to be included?
Each women’s accessory, beauty item, or piece of apparel MUST incorporate either the motto “Believe In You” , the Count Me In logo, and/or the official colors of Count Me In as seen below:


3. How do I sign-up?
You will need to fill out the pledge form found below and fax back to: 917-591-5032
You will also need to place a 150×150 jpg ad on your site that we will supply and link to a page about the promotion on  You also need to be a current subscriber to the SheFinds email Newsletter.

4. What’s the time-line?
Please let us know by July 1 if you intend to participate.  We will be promoting the designs from Sept 1 – 30, 2009 on  The sooner you let us know the sooner we can schedule you in the line-up.

6. What information do you need for the post?

We will need you to send us — a 250×250 jpg image of the piece and a description of your piece in the EXACT format you see here.

What: Gray Purse

Why: This handcrafted bag is made with…..

About the Designer: Jane Doe designs for …..

Proceeds to be Donated: xx%

Get Yours: $xx.xx @ website

You must also send a link to where to buy your product online. All materials must be submitted no later than August 15, 2009. You can email all of this info to [email protected]  The item MUST be available for purchase on your website by August 15. We will link to your site for purchase.

We also encourage you to visit Count Me In’s website where you can check out the educational resources available to entrepreneurs, learn how to increase the visibility of your business, and apply to the Make Mine a Million $ Business program.