What Is This On My Face? Lotions To Ease You Through Those Embarrassing Situations

March 4, 2008 by SheFindsChristine
shefinds |

A few months ago I developed a rather embarrassing skin problem on my face – above my upper lip to be exact. Thank goodness for good girlfriends because I never would have noticed it on my own! Overtime I had developed hyperpigmentation or a pigmentation issue with the skin above my upper lip. I can't tell you why (tanning too often might be the culprit here) but I blame hormones. Either way, it's not something I noticed until a girlfriend pointed it out. Then it was all I could see! When I looked in the mirror or when I saw myself in pictures I was mortified. I exfoliated, scrubbed, tried bleaching – but since it's not the hair that is the problem, bleaching wasn't the solution. It's actually the color of my skin! I searched high and low for something to help and just recently found my miracle product – Proactiv Skin Lightening Lotion


Not only does this skin lightening lotion work for pigmentation issues like mine, but it will lighten acne scars, age spots, brown spots, and sun spots. It's an oil-free product and made my skin tone nice and even.


Other products out there for lip pigmentation problems can also help decrease the loss of collagen that happens overtime and lighten the fine lines that form from facial expressions. Bliss Spa makes a product called Stiff Upper Lip that does just that. It is formulated with a powerful retinol agent, a skin lightener, and GABA, known for its ability to smooth facial lines.

Get Proactiv Skin Lighten Lotion for just $21.95 from qvc.com and Bliss Stiff Upper Lip for $48 from Saks

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