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Deal Of The Day: Up To 75% Off Makeup Brushes At Sephora

March 16, 2008 by SheFindsErin
shefinds |

The value of a good makeup brush can't be underestimated. It can mean the difference between a flawlessly executed smokey eye and a smudgey, streaky hot mess. If ever there's a beauty product not to scrimp on, it's a fine set of brushes, but with some of Sephora's bestsellers offered at drugstore-esque prices, you don't need to spend a fortune on these makeup drawer staples.

Sick of finding flesh-colored smears and smudges on your best blouse? Feeling less than eco-friendly after burning through roll after roll of toilet paper cleaning up after your hands-on foundation application? Then it's time to invest in a specially shaped foundation brush ($10, was $24). The wide, flat brush makes sure foundation goes just where it's needed (no more pancake face!) so you save your pricey potion as well as sparing your shirt from further makeup mishaps.


Ever wonder how stars rock perfectly in-line red lips? They have sturdy, dome-shaped lip brushes ($5, was $9) to thank. Sephora's version is made from springy sable hair and is just stiff enough to guarantee a perfect color-inside-the-lines job without tearing your lips apart with errant bristles.


If you feel like playing Picasso (or maybe more of an artistic realist) with your eye shadow, opt for the slanted contour brush ($10, was $20). It allows you to get artsy with your eye makeup, filling in creases with accuracy and precision. Master the smokey eye or simply play up your peepers with this makeup artists' must have.

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