Dear New York Observer, Leave The Lycra To The Ladies

December 10, 2007 by Bryn
shefinds |

Oh, man. Now they’ve gotten a hold of our Spanx. Is nothing sacred? New York Observer’s Spencer Morgan recently confiscated a pair for himself in an attempt to buttress his argument that these coveted underthings are a spawn of the devil. Unfortunately, he’s still missing the point. Too busy critiquing Spanx as a "new and dangerous affront to all things sensual" while on his rant about the hosiery’s destruction of sexual intimacy and his libido, Morgan fails to realize that maybe, just maybe, we are not wearing them for men.

Spanx offers cleaner lines and better coverage under the clothing today that gets smaller, tighter, and more tailored by the minute. When we pull on any shapewear, we hope it will contribute to the overall aesthetic of the outfit, not that it will turn guys on. Women dress certain ways for several reasons. Some dress to express their personalities, some just love the fun of fashion and exploration of new trends.  Unfortunately, these trends are not always friendly to a woman’s body. Rather than point the finger at the "monsters over at Spanx [who] have managed to convince girls of every size and shape that they’re better off in a rubber suit,”  why not target the designers, stores, media, and the whole wide world? Spanx is merely reacting to the times.

Yes, it is very uplifting to hear that heterosexual men still love a woman’s body. Honestly, we really do appreciate the sentiment–we also love our bodies, believe it or not. But we also want to feel chic and confident when we walk out the door, and if Spanx helps us do that, we’ll keep pulling them on. 


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