The One Thing You Should Know When Deciding Between An iPhone X And iPhone 8, According To An Expert

September 20, 2017 by Lisa Fogarty
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The iPhone 8 is out and ready to become your new tech toy — it boasts a ton of amazing new features and early reviews are mostly positive. But, hold that thought. Before you shell out $700 for a new all-glass iPhone 8, you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth your time and hard-earned savings to wait a month for the Oct. 27 release of the iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have largely been eclipsed by the iPhone X — so much so that a lot of folks are overlooking the changes Apple has made to the iPhone 8 and whether this phone model suits their lifestyle and budget better than the X. The iPhone X is being touted as a phone with a complete redesign, one vastly different from any iPhone that came before it. But is it fair to push the iPhone 8 into the shadows without highlighting its unique aspects? Before you choose between an iPhone 8 and iPhone X, here are four things you need to know — including one of the most important factors.

1) Cost


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There’s no way around it — Price is going to be a big factor in consumers’ minds when deciding between this year’s new iPhone models, says Kiran Ravindra, chief executive officer of the iPhone case brand Carbon Trim Solutions. The iPhone X is expected to be released with a hefty $999 price tag, which makes it the luxury phone to end all luxury phones. Whether it’s worth nearly four figures depends entirely on your needs and expectations. “The $200 difference in starting prices is a much higher gap than we’ve ever seen before,” Ravindra says.

2) The Battery Life On The iPhone X Probably Isn’t What You Think


You may expect the more expensive phone to have a longer battery life, but Ravindra says the opposite is true when it comes to the iPhone X. “A lesser-known difference between the two devices is that the iPhone 8 Plus actually has a slightly longer battery life than the X; something to keep in mind for those who are serious about their battery life, but don’t want to use a bulky charging case or constantly run to the wall socket,” Ravindra says.

3) The iPhone 8 Is The Same Old iPhone, According To Many Reviewers


One of the biggest criticism of the iPhone 8 is that, all-glass design aside, it’s nearly identical to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (and even the 6). It even fits in the same case as the 7. While Samsung and LG have been making major tech strides in their devices, those who expect Apple to be the leader in innovation feel like the iPhone 8 falls short. With that said, the iPhone 8’s stereo capabilities are much better, as is the quality of its photos.

4) You’ll Have To Decide If Face ID Is For You


Face ID technology is one of the most talked-about features on the iPhone X, but also one of the most controversial. Apple claims the new model will use Face ID to accurately detect your face and let you (and only you) unlock the device without a password. One fear is that someone can simply focus your phone on you when you aren’t aware of what’s happening and gain access to your personal information. It’s still too early to tell whether Face ID will be a smashing success or a nightmare, but you have to be willing to take that risk when you invest in an iPhone X.

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