Do You Know How Often You Should Clean Your Hairbrush?

January 12, 2016 by Isabel Jones
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Does your hairbrush look like something they’d eat on Fear Factor? Don’t apologize, hair is hard to manage, and hairbrushes are the absolute worst. You know when you’re reaching into the tangled depths of your war-torn brush, prying a knot of  dull strands from its grasp… It feels so good to be liberating your brush, but then you look down and there’s all this disgusting residue sitting there. Ha! You thought you could easily fix a problem this gross? Joke’s on you! And guess what, your hair brush not only looks disgusting, it is disgusting. All the oil, dirt, bacteria, dust, etc. that collects in that web of yours — well you’re reapplying it to your clean, fresh hair every time you brush it through! Sorry for the gross-out, but you have to hit rock bottom before progress can be made.

So, here’s what you need to do:

Commit to a schedule. You will clean your brush once per week. Got it? Good.

Every time you use your brush, remove the hair. Leave it looking the way you’d hope it would if someone were to go snooping through your medicine cabinet (but no one will, don’t worry!).

Then, once it hits that special day of the week, break out a tablespoon of shampoo and get scrubbing!

Rinse thoroughly with warm water and place your brush face-down on a hand towel to dry.

Voila! You’ve thoroughly cleaned your hairbrush. Enjoy this moment.

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