Do You Need To Shave Less In The Fall/Winter? The Answer.

October 19, 2016 by Justine Schwartz
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This should come as no surprise, but I shave my legs *a lot* less in the fall than I do in the summer. During the summer months when I wear mostly dresses , it feels like I have to shave every day. I get so sick of it, and can’t wait for fall to come so I can start wearing pants more and shaving less. Razors can be pricey, plus who has 5 extra minutes in their morning routine to shave both legs? It’s a nuisance!

Are you the same way? Of course, you could always buck the trend and just start rocking hairy legs. I, personally, prefer smooth legs–stubble bothers me (on my husband’s face and on my own legs), and after the stubble phase I start to feel a little skeeved out by the soft hairs when they get longer. And when they start catching on things–I’m done. I can’t.

So, how come we don’t mind shaving a lot less frequently in the winter? I wanted to ask shaving experts about that. Mainly, does hair actually grow less in the fall/winter? Or is it just because the legs are less exposed? Here’s what they had to say.

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“It’s really a personal preference,” says Anthony Sosnick, founder and CEO of Anthony Brands. “The hair grows at the same rate so truly depends on what look you’re going for.” Interesting!

Fadi Mourad of Dollar Shave Club also confirmed, “There’s no difference in hair regrowth between the seasons of the year.”

So, now that we know that hair actually grows at the same rate no matter the season, you have to decide whether you like the feel like having smooth legs for yourself or if you don’t mind a little fur (bonus: it will keep you warmer on cold days!). Or–if you want to shave A LOT less–are there any products that you can use to really get the hair to slow down. I’m talking like, going months between shaves.

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“If you want to increase the length of times between shaving during the colder months, I recommend the Pearl Luxe Lotion from our Shaveworks line,” Anthony says. “It’s a hydrating body lotion that boasts Capislow™ to slow hair growth, resulting in less frequent shaves.” 

Shaveworks Pearl Luxe Lotion

Get it now: Shaveworks Pearl Luxe Lotion ($29).

The next things to consider is what to wear. Of course, when you wear jeans or pants, the majority of your legs are covered–but don’t forget things like your ankles which might be exposed in cropped pants or your knees or other areas that might be exposed if the jeans are really hole-y and distressed. And of course there are those randomly warm days in fall when you feel like wearing a skirt–don’t forget to shave in the shower that morning (it might not be apart of your regular routine in fall).

PLUS–there’s the issue of whether to shave when wearing tights. If your hair is long enough it will poke through the tights–which personally drives me crazy, but again it’s all about your personal preference.

And if you’re like me and don’t like the feeling of really long leg hair scraping against the inside of your pant leg, try doing a quick dry shave then slathering on the lotion (your legs will probably be extra dry in fall, too!).

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