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Everything You Want To Know About The Kardashian-Jenners' Glam Rooms

August 26, 2016 by Sara Alderman
shefinds | Celebrity

Part of being a Kardashian-Jenner is getting ready. We learn their makeup trick from their apps and see their finished looks on social media, but what we don’t know much about is their glam rooms. Which is interesting, since the family takes pride in interior design.

Well, now we have some details. PEOPLE spoke with Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the interior designer who did Kourtney and Khloe’s glam rooms, along with Kendall’s upcoming space as well as Kris’ Birkin closet (!!). Here are the 5 best revelations from his interview:

Everything starts with their individual styles

Bullard doesn’t begin designing until he gets a feel for their personal styles. “Kendall is cool and hip and her vibe is so amazing, so her glam room is more of a cool space, rather than being very serious,” he tells the mag. “Whereas for Khloé, it’s a serious space with serious accessories, a big chandelier… the room itself feels very glamorous. The new room we’re doing for Kris is a very beautiful space. It’s dramatic and ultra modern, which is a new look for her, but it’s also super luxurious.”

Then he meets with their glam squads

Since the Kardashian-Jenners’ glam squads are practically family, it only makes sense Bullard would meet with them. “The starting point is to make sure that I take a meeting with their makeup artists to understand exactly what each of the girls needs, what they expect out of their glam room.”

Lighting is the most important detail in the room

While everything in the room is tailored to each of the girls’ needs (down to the chair height!), lighting is by far the most important. “For makeup, particularly for TV makeup and for their red carpet makeup, we have to have perfect lighting. You have to be lit in a way that the girls makeup will look correct under TV lights or under the natural lighting. We use a particular diffused light bulb that have special fittings made to fit them into. We have to have prefect equal lighting on either side of the face,  but we make sure there’s no lighting above their heads because that is the worst thing you can ever do in a makeup room. We don’t want any shadows, we need pure, pure lighting for that good well made-up look.”

They own a lot less makeup than you think

This one was really surprising! I really thought the girls had closets and closets filled with free product. Turns out, they really go with what they know. “You’d be surprised, because there’s not that much makeup. They have favorites, and they like to stick to them, and then excess makeup is actually brought in by the makeup artists, so it’s not tons of makeup that’s kept in the glam rooms.”

Khloe’s room is by far the best

“Because Khloé and Kourtney live directly next to each other, Kourtney likes to get ready at Khloé’s,” Bullard says. “Khloé’s house becomes a hub for the family to get ready. Kourtney comes over there a lot, Kim comes over there a lot, for some reason they all like to go over to Khloé’s and get ready together.” She even has four stations to accommodate getting-ready buddies!

“In Khloé’s, we’ve got some great photography, there’s a great Marilyn Monroe image, she’s got some really beautiful art objects in there, because it’s a direct flow from her house, so she wants that flavor to continue in all of her spaces.”

Bullard also adds that not only is Khloe’s glam room the biggest but it also “would make for a very good-sized bedroom in a normal person’s life.” #Jealous

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[Photo: Splash News]

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