Find Out How Certain Colors Can Help You Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

January 11, 2016 by Justine Schwartz
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We’re almost at the point in January where people start falling off their New Year’s Resolutions (if they haven’t already) and could use as much extra help staying on track as possible. So, what would you say if I told you that certain colors could actually help motivate you to your goals? Crazy, right? T.J.Maxx and Marshalls just partnered with internationally renowned color expert, Kate Smith, to show how color can do just that. Like, for example–did you know that if you wear red or green you are more likely to stick with health and fitness goals? So cool! See all her tips:

If your resolution is to get fit and stay healthy: Wearing red will make you more productive when doing an activity as it represents the color of physicality, which stimulates muscular movement and strength. Green will boost your mood and decrease your perception of the exertion level, making you more likely to exercise, and to exercise more vigorously. If you’re looking to get into shape, stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls carry a wide selection of brand name activewear and quality fitness gear that will give you the extra motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals. Winning colors: red & green!

If your resolution is to make time for the people who mean the most: If spending more time with friends and family is a priority for you in 2016, the colors yellow and orange will help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Yellow makes you feel happier and will stimulate two-way conversations while orange is uplifting, optimistic, and inspires spontaneity. Whether it’s accenting your home with a yellow lamp or orange rug, or setting the dinner party tablescape with these accent colors, using one or both of these colors in your home will encourage people to gather and talk. Winning colors: yellow & orange!

If your resolution is to find your soulmate: Red is known as the color for attracting attention but did you know that it can also make you more attractive to others? Surrounding yourself with the appeal-enhancing power of the color of love and romance, may be all it takes to woo someone new. Head to places like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls to pick up designer red tops at amazing prices to refresh your dating profile picture and select jaw-dropping date night looks in vibrant reds that will have your partner swooning! Winning color: red!

If your resolution is to lose weight the healthy way: There a few simple steps that will go a long way if weight loss is your goal. The color green inspires healthy food choices and triggers you to think of vegetables and fresh foods. Even better, green food on a green plate will encourage you to take larger portions of these nutritious, healthy foods. Another simple way to alter your eating habits is to use plates with colors that contrast to the colors of the food you are eating. Portions appear larger against a contrasting background color, and in turn, you tend to eat less. Winning color: green!

If your resolution is to find a new hobby: If you’re looking to ignite a new passion, blue is the color for you! The color blue makes you more imaginative and encourages innovation and risk-taking. Combine soft, muted blues to calm your mind with bright, intense shades that get your creativity flowing. Stimulating the brain will open your mind up to finding a new interest or learning something new. Try painting the walls of your office or workspace blue—or buy wall art in this color. T.J.Maxx and Marshalls have quality home décor items that can transform any space to help you get into the right mind space to tackle a new hobby. Winning color: blue!

If your resolution is to live life to the fullest: Want to achieve this New Year’s resolution in 2016? Yellow and green are colors that help you feel upbeat and balanced. A bright shade of yellow is optimistic and enhances happiness while nature-inspired green is refreshing and encourages harmony. Try an activity you’ve been longing to experience or plan a trip to a desired destination to live life in full color! Winning colors: yellow & green!

If your resolution is to spend less, save more: The best advice for anyone looking to spend less and save more this year is to give your wallet a colorful, wealth-attracting makeover. Color has energy that can trigger your desire to save and the top colors for this are green, gold and red. Green correlates with growth, wealth and cash, gold relates to building a fortune, abundance, and positive feelings, and red is a color of success, strength and good luck. Carry a smart, organized wallet in a color that supports your saving goals. Winning colors: green, gold & red!

If your resolution is to get organized and declutter: The best motivator to getting organized in 2016 is setting deadlines. Orange and red make you feel like there is an urgent problem that needs to be solved. Use these colors to spur yourself into action and put your resolution into action. Stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls carry an amazing selection of quality organizational items at incredible prices that will help as you hit reset to a clutter-free year. Winning colors: orange & red!

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