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Find Out What Swimwear Style Is Most Popular In Your State

June 12, 2015 by Justine Schwartz
shefinds | Style

Because none of us can turn down a good infographic, T.J.Maxx and Marshalls just conducted a survey of the most popular swimwear styles by state, and the results are in:


It turns out that halter (followed by sporty and retro inspired) was the most popular style country-wide, and over 70% of states favored a one piece (!).

Women in New York prefer a one-piece “sporty” style in a solid color, while women from California love a two piece ruffle suit with a print.

What’s your state’s?! See the full results here:

Alabama: 2-piece printed halter

Alaska: 2-piece printed halter

Arizona: 2-piece printed halter

Arkansas: 1-piece printed halter

California: 2-piece printed flutter or ruffle

Colorado: 1-piece solid sporty

Connecticut: 1-piece printed sporty

Delaware: 1-piece printed halter

District of Columbia: 2-piece printed halter

Florida: 1-piece printed halter

Georgia: 2-piece printed halter

Hawaii: 2-piece printed halter

Idaho: 1-piece printed printed retro

Illinois: 1-piece printed retro

Indiana: 1-piece solid sporty

Iowa: 2-piece printed halter

Kansas: 1-piece printed halter

Kentucky: 2-piece printed halter

Louisiana: 2-piece printed halter

Maine: 1-piece solid halter

Maryland: 1-piece solid sporty

Massachusetts: 1-piece solid sporty

Michigan: 2-piece printed halter

Minnesota: 2-piece solid halter

Mississippi: 1-piece printed flutter or ruffle

Missouri: 1-piece printed retro

Montana: 1-piece printed retro

Nebraska: 2-piece printed halter

Nevada: 1-piece solid sporty

New Hampshire: 2-piece printed halter

New Jersey: 2-piece printed halter

New Mexico: 1-piece printed retro

New York: 1-piece solid sporty

North Carolina: 2-piece printed halter

North Dakota: 1-piece solid sporty

Ohio: 1-piece printed flutter or ruffle

Oklahoma: 1-piece printed flutter or ruffle

Oregon: 1-piece printed halter

Pennsylvania: 2-piece printed halter

Rhode Island: 2-piece printed halter

South Carolina: 1-piece solid sporty

South Dakota: 1-piece solid sporty

Tennessee: 2-piece printed halter

Texas: 1-piece solid retro

Utah: 2-piece printed halter

Vermont: 2-piece printed halter

Virginia: 2-piece printed halter

Washington: 1-piece solid retro

West Virginia: 1-piece printed sporty

Wisconsin: 2-piece printed halter

Wyoming: 2-piece printed halter

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