Find Out What Your Selfie Side Says About You

June 19, 2015 by Sara Alderman
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Since the holiday to celebrate photos of ourselves is coming up (June 21st = National Selfie Day), we decided to figure out what your selfie side says about you. Take a look at your most recent snap on your phone. Is your head tilting left, right or are you looking straight to the camera? Now look at the image below to see which pose looks most like your own: A, B or C.

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silhouettes 2

A) Adventurous and Open-minded 

If you turn your head to the right, then you are a risk-taker. You are definitely not afraid of a challenge and will try pretty much everything. You sometimes need to be reeled in, but are never hard to deal with when this happens.

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B) Secure and Independent

If you don’t turn your head and look straight to the camera, you are extremely self-aware. You are confident in all aspects of your life, from work to friends, and love doing things on your own–you don’t need anyone’s permission or approval! However, you find yourself in sticky situations from time to time, but can always talk your way out when need be.

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C) Cheerful and Adaptable

If you turn your head to the left, then you are very chill. You are not bothered by much and always go with the flow. You don’t make a ton of decisions due to your easy-going nature, which does come back to bite you when you actually voice your opinion. But speak up! People really value what you have to say.

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