Forget the Terrible Twos--Lindsay Lohan Proves It's Really The Terrible Twenties

June 9, 2010 by Mom Jeanine
shefinds | Kids

In case you missed the latest in the drama that is Lindsay Lohan’s life, reported that a judge issued yet another warrant for Lohan yesterday because her alcohol monitoring bracelet was triggered on Sunday, the same day as the MTV Movie Awards.

At this point, the twists and turns in Lohan’s life don’t really surprise me anymore, but leave me wondering when exactly is her mother going to step in and get this girl under control. Okay, she’s technically an adult, but put yourself in her mother’s shoes. If your 23-year-old daughter had the kind of issues Lindsay Lohan has, would you just let her run amok or would you put your foot down and keep her under lock and key until she got her act together?

My daughter will turn two next month and I’ve been dealing with the outbursts and temper tantrums that characterize this period in her development for a few months now. When I read about Linday Lohan drinking when she shouldn’t be or missing courts dates for no apparent reason, I can’t help but be reminded of my daughter crying on the floor uncontrollably…also for no apparent reason. My approach to dealing with my daughter’s unpredictable, seemingly unprovoked tantrums has been to let her get her frustration out for a few minutes. If they don’t end on their own, I step in and firmly explain to my daughter that not only is that behavior unacceptable, it’s not the way to get what you want. If that doesn’t work, we move on to time out, where she is allowed to calm down on her own.

Perhaps, Dina could take a lesson from moms like me dealing with the terrible twos and see how she fares with her daughter who is apparently experiencing a very severe case of the even more terrible twenties. Dina, you’ve let her get frustrations out more than enough at this point. Time to “mom up” and explain to your daughter this behavior ends here, period. And if you feel she needs it (which she does, by the way), give her a time out. A very, very long one.

The final step in taming tantrums is to do something calming and leveling together to reinforce your love for your child. Read a book, do an arts and crafts project or perhaps some charity work. Here are some ideas to get you started, Dina:

Whether your child is 3 or 23, this sweet book is a reminder that you love him/her no matter what.

Even if you’re not particularly artistic, you’ll have fun doing creating this handprint wall art. My family and I did our handprints last night and even dad was having fun and engaged…while the playoffs were on, no less.

Search thousands of charities nationwide on to find a way you and your child can give back together.

And if none of this works, well, Dina it’s time for you to call in the big guns: Oprah.


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