From Your Chin To Your Cheeks, Find Out Why You Get Pimples On Different Parts Of Your Face

April 14, 2016 by Lisa Fogarty
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Acne can occur anywhere on the face or neck, but if you find yourself suffering from selective acne, it may be time to take a good, hard look at your diet and overall health. Chinese Face Mapping is an ancient practice that can provide helpful insight into the reasons why your cheeks are always smooth, but your jawline? Not so much. It’s rooted in the idea that your skin is your largest organ and a window into your body and internal organs. Who knows, you may even thank your acne for giving you a head’s up about health issues you’re not addressing.

Here are 6 areas of your face that may be experiencing an acne outbreak and what it can tell you about your health.

Cheeks. Your cheeks are linked to your lungs and redness or sensitivity on this area of your face could mean a slow metabolism and low absorption of nutrients like folic acid and iron. Of course, it could also mean you’re spending too much time with your face pressed against a pillow or cell phone.

Chin. Acne along the chin and jawline is synonymous with hormonal imbalance and stress. You may find it impossible to keep this area of your face clear right before your period. The best thing you can do is amp up your cleansing efforts around this time of month, get plenty of sleep and meditate or exercise to reduce stress.

Nose. Pimples on your nose could mean issues with your circulatory system and the flow of blood in your body. Try cutting back or eliminiating spicy foods and caffeinated beverages and add more essential fatty acids to your diet.

Forehead. If your forehead is always red and bumpy, check your diet. Too many processed foods, in conjunction with too much alcohol, stress and not enough sleep can contribute to acne on this area of your face. If you sport stylish bangs, make sure you aren’t going to sleep without pinning them back–any product you use to keep them looking their best can easily clog your pores.

Between the eyebrows. What’s worse than a big bull’s eye pimple right between your eyebrows? This area is connected to the liver and if you’re consuming a lot of dairy or meat (both of which are more difficult to digest than fruits and vegetables), this area of your face will show it first. Try cutting down on these foods and eating more healthy produce and grains.

Eyebrow arches. Assuming you’re properly removing your eyebrow shadow or pencil each night, the culprit behind acne on the eyebrow arches could be your kidneys. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water each day, aren’t consuming tons of sweet caffeinated beverages or indulging in foods laden with sodium. It’s also important to keep your alcohol intake within reason. These small changes could make all the difference in your skin’s clarity and health.

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Lisa Fogarty is a lifestyle writer and reporter based in New York who covers health, wellness, relationships, sex, beauty, and parenting.

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