Going Stir Crazy? Help Hurricane Sandy Victims By Cleaning Out Your Closet

November 1, 2012 by Eileen Conlan
shefinds | beauty

Have you been glued to your TV for the past few days, like we have? It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting, but we have an idea to put your cabin fever to good use. Well, there’s something you can do. Combat cabin fever AND help Hurricane Sandy victims in one fell swoop, with our handy guide to doing a major closet clean out, with tips from our new book, Wear This Now. Whether you’re stuck home from work, or are just itching to do something, anything…follow these tips and donate your castoffs to the people who really need it. Those clothes sitting in your closet can be put to good use!

For where to donate, see the Salvation Army website. NOTE: While some donation sites discourage sending clothing for Hurricane relief because it’s too hard to transport, you could donate to your local community instead, or sell your cast-offs on eBay and donate that amount. 

Here we go:

1.  The first thing you need to do is to figure out exactly what your style is and what your body type is. Write it down in three words, tops. Keep it in the front of you mind when sorting through your items. If you’re a grunge girl at heart, all those Peter Pan-collared tops probably won’t stay in rotation.

2. Now comes the hard part: trying everything on! I’m not talking about your tried-and-true jeans and t-shirts, but anything you haven’t worn in a year — barring any seasonal restrictions — is on the chopping block. When you throw something on, it not only has to flatter you, but it should also speak to your style. You should be able to imagine what you could pair it with. Here’s the key: once it’s on, give yourself 10 seconds to decide if it’s a goner. Remember not to get too hung up on how much you spent on an item — you’ll get more use out of it if you sell it to a consignment shop rather than letting it just take up valuable real estate in the back of your closet.

3. Once you have a pile of clothes on their way out (congratulations!), take a note from our new book, Wear This Now, and play fashion detective: what’s the common thread? Are they all crew neck sweaters? Sling-back pumps? Dry-clean-only pants that are two sizes too big? Avoid these items next time you’re shopping.

4. Speaking of clothes on their way out, here’s a quick tally of things you should get rid of without a second thought. Trust.

  • Anything owl themed, because let’s face it — the moment is over.
  • Poor fitting denim/blazers. These are the two biggest multi-taskers in your closet, so they should fit like a glove.
  • Anything velour. Anything.
  • Denim skirts, unless you’re still in middle school.
  • Harem pants. They’re gone for good.
  • More than one pair of sweatpants. One pair for sick days is enough — you need to save the precious real estate for the good stuff.
  • Childish rain boots with anything printed on them have to go, too. Replace them with a pair of stylish rain boots that don’t look like rain boots.
  • Bridesmaid dresses. She said you could wear it again, but you can’t.
  • Light wash jeans. They were invented to make your thighs look fat. No one looks good in these (not even supermodels!).
  • Cotton sweaters. They shrink and fade, so invest in cashmere or merino instead.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to pick up for fall, take a peek of the best summer-to-fall outfits ideas, stock up on exotic snakeskin pumps, or ease your Fashion Week blisters with a pair of cap-toe flats.


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