HACK: How To Get That Song Out Of Your Head When You Can't Stop Singing It

March 22, 2016 by Isabel Jones
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Do you ever get a song stuck in your head and just can’t find a way to push it out? Of course, it’s never the song you want to have stuck in your head… Usually the song that gets caught is something top 40 that only made it to the top of the chart because it’s so catchy that it’s stuck IN EVERYONE’S HEAD. But, lucky for us, there ARE ways to push those pesky one-hit-wonders right outttt.

Here’s how:

Listen Past The Chorus

Usually, it’s the chorus that gets stuck in your head — playing over and over and over and… So listening to the song all the way through, including the not so catchy parts, can really help cure your mind of its fixation.

Read Through The Lyrics

Looking through the words can help re-set your mind’s grasp of the song. Sometimes not knowing the lyrics word-by-word forces the song to stay in your head. If you learn the true words, you might just find that you’re over it.

The Weirdest Method Ever: Chew Gum

Strangely, many people find that chewing gum helps block out whatever is running through their mind. They hear themselves chewing gum instead of the song playing in their head. Pretty weird, but whatever works!

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