Hair Strobing Is the Latest Beauty Trend That Will Give You Model-Worthy Locks

December 21, 2015 by Lisa Fogarty
shefinds | beauty

Given the beauty world’s obsessive interest in contouring faces in order to bring out the best features, it was only a matter of time before experts started using the same technique for hair. Enter hair strobing, a process by which hairstylists weave highlights and lowlights throughout your hair in a unique way that brings out your individual beauty and the facial features that make you special.

If you’re searching for a more individualized approach to hair color–a look that will get your beautiful face noticed and not just your hair–Matrix SOCOLOR celebrity stylist Daniel Moon explains everything you need to know about hair strobing.

SHEfinds: What, exactly, is hair strobing and how is it applied?

Daniel Moon: Hair strobing is an individualized highlighting technique that is specific to one’s natural hair color, face shape and skin tone. It is accomplished by applying wider strips of color for dimension and contrast and using color that are two shades lighter and two shades darker than natural hair color.  It’s hand painted since it’s so specific to the individual.

SF: How does hair strobing differ from traditional highlights and balayage?

DM: The process differs from typical highlights in that it takes three steps rather than two. After you do the toning and highlighting process, you go back again and highlight to accentuate and build dimension.

SF: What colors are most often used in hair strobing?

DM: Strobing is mostly done on blondes, but anyone can do it! It’s best to go two shades darker and two shades lighter than whatever your natural hair color is. You’ll have a pretty, natural effect that will look like you just laid out in the sun for too long. One important tip: more color means more care, which means a weekly hair mask specific for color-treated hair like the MATRIX Biolage COLORLAST Mask, which will keep color from fading and add lots of moisture.

SF: Who is a good candidate for hair strobing? Which features can it bring out and how?

DM: It works best for people who wants their hair to be considered an added feature to their face and are looking for that extra “pop” to their hair color. The placement of the highlights emphasizes your skin tone and face shape and when the sun light hits your hair, it glistens!

SF: Which celebs are doing hair strobing justice and why?

DM: Gigi Hadid! Always looks so effortless and her hair accentuates her natural beauty! Her color is carefully placed.

SF: Can any hairstylist do hair strobing or does it require an experienced professional?

DM: I wouldn’t pick a rookie to strobe your hair for the first time. You need someone a bit more experienced to look beyond color to incorporate facial features, where the light would naturally hit hair, etc.

SF: What can hair strobing accomplish?

DM: Strobing helps to give dimension and movement that is specifically catered to your face shape and natural hair formation. Just like contouring and strobing for the face, its meant to accentuate your natural beauty. Strobing opens up the hair just enough leaving light and lighter to sweep across the face.

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[Photo: Imaxtree]

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