Perfect For Your Guy: An Umbrella That'll Last A Lifetime (And Not Whack Everyone On The Sidewalk)

March 27, 2008 by Ktbradford
shefinds |

Though I'm happy that Spring is here (please, please no more snow!), the season is marked by it's own brand of crappy weather. Namely, pouring rain. I hate rainy days; not just because my hair gets frizzy and I get wet no matter what I do, but because walking down the street means dodging people (usually guys) with huge golf umbrellas that take up the whole sidewalk. When the umbrella extends four feet in every direction, you're taking up too much space!

Still, I completely understand the impulse. As a friend of mine once put it, I do not have the Umbrella Gene that allows me to put a regular-size umbrella over my head and stay dry in any way. I'm content with the snow globe-looking Nubrella, but I don't imagine too many guys being caught dead with that thing. The solution: Davek's Duet.

This amazing device is only 14" long when collapsed, but unfolds to 55" in diameter–a respectable size, though not humongous. There's even enough room for your guy to be chivalrous and share with you as long as you get cozy. When closed, it's small enough to fit in a bag or umbrella pouch, which is almost unheard of for larger umbrellas. It keeps me dry, is easy to keep track of, yet isn't big enough to elicit dirty looks from other people.

Other features include push-button open and close, one-button correction if it ever inverts, and a lifetime guarantee against distortion or breakage. Davek prides themselves on making a nearly indestructible product, perfect for those windy days when all of the elements are against you. If you ever lose it, you're entitled to one replacement at 50% of the retail price.  

If you do happen to have the umbrella gene, check out Davek's Solo model. Just shy of a foot long when closed, it opens up to a comfortable 43" canopy. The handle features a clip for attaching it to your belt or bag.

Find the Davek Duet ($149) and Solo ($100) at and buy one for you or your man today. Because inevitably it will rain tomorrow, and the next day.


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