Hey UGG Diehards, Will You Still Wear The Sheepskin Boots NOW?

November 20, 2013 by SheFinds
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Deny it all you want, but we know you secretly have one pair of UGGs stashed in the back of your closet. Maybe you just wear them around the house, or maybe you’re someone who has no shame and rocks them in public. Hey, if celebs like Blake Lively and Cameron Diaz do it, they can’t be soooo bad, right?

But, if you think one of the best-selling boots of all time (if not THE best) can do no wrong with their comfy sheepskin lining, you need to get some facts. Sure the 35 Classics for 35 Years anniversary collection, and the new customization tool give us even more UGG options, but we’re not sure you’re going to want them after you hear this. Do you know what you’re really wearing (and funding) when you put on those Classic Tall UGGS?

According to Yahoo News, the real and not widely known reputation of UGGs is the awful treatment of sheep to provide buyers with wool. It’s horrible and inhumane. Not to be too graphic, but to give you all the info: they actually remove the skin of the sheep WITH the wool. It sounds painful just typing it. So that means the wool on the shoe is still attached to the sheep’s skin, and therefore sheep are killed to make the shoes.

Even Pamela Anderson, whose claim to UGG fame is starting the whole trend, is horrified by how the boots are actually made. She tells People Magazine: “I feel so guilty for that craze being started around Baywatch days – I used to wear them with my red swimsuit to keep warm – never realizing that they were SKIN!” She’s not alone. Most people think that the boots’ wool lining is attached to a synthetic back. But, now we know that’s not true. And even buying a pair of fake UGGs isn’t the answer. Those boots use the same methods to make their shoes too. So is the UGG label and hefty price tag really worth it? What do you guys think? Will you still buy UGGs now that you know how they’re made? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re STILL looking for a pair of UGGs, try some of these non-shearling options.

UPDATE: UGG has reached out and shared this link with us. According to Deckers, the company that owns UGG, “UGG does not use sheepskin unless it is a byproduct of the meat industry”. Read more to find out how UGG treats the sheep used for their boots.

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