How I Lost 5 Pounds In One Week By Just Giving Up One Thing

June 13, 2016 by Jeanine Edwards
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I’m usually not very concerned with my weight. Truth be told, I don’t even own a scale. But I was on vacation last week and decided to step on the scale in the hotel room. Eek. Was definitely not expecting that number.

Add to that that I’m in a wedding next month and the dress was a bit snugger in the stomach area than I expected and I knew I had to do something.

I absolutely wasn’t prepared to do anything drastic. Giving up everything I loved simply wasn’t an option, so I decided to give up just one thing I love: any beverage that wasn’t water. No Coke, no fruit juice, no coffee… nada! This may seem easy for some, but it’s been quite a challenge for me. I’m fine to drink water in between meals, but when I’m sitting down to a yummy dinner the last thing I want is water. I want Coke!

Over the last week, I’ve kept my water-only resolve and there’s good news: I’m already down five pounds! I haven’t started working out any more than I used to or stopped eating anything else that I love (including chocolate chip cookies!), so eliminating all that sugar in soda and juice really made an impact.

As an added bonus, drinking so much more water has worked wonders on my skin, too. I haven’t had any of those little painful under-the-skin pimples I used to get and it’s way softer, too.

Do I miss drinking literally anything besides water? Hell yes. Do I like my slightly less pugdy tummy even more? You bet.

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