6 Things Every Woman Should Do To Feel More Confident

October 21, 2019 by SHEfinds Editors
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Like so many women we root self-assuredness in our appearance. And even when you try your hardest to feel confident, you easily slip back into body shaming yourself. It’s time to transform all of this negative thinking. To change your body you must also change your mind. Please don’t wait until you fit into those old pair of jeans again. It might never happen. And even if it does, you deserve a confidence boost ASAP. Try these small tweaks to your daily routine and you’ll notice a positive mental shift in no time.

How to be More Confident in Yourself

1. Write it down. The simple act of journaling or recording what you eat can make a huge difference in the quality and amount of food you take in on a daily basis. And be super honest. Don’t think of this log as a way to feel bad about nutrition mistakes. It’s just a tool to keep you accountable and discover if there’s a pattern in your eating successes and not-so-great-days. You might notice that you skip breakfast every Thursday and that leads to overeating the rest of the day. So for next week you can plan on making a quick shake for breakfast to help you right the ship.

2. Plan ahead. How many times have you woken up and decided to go for a run before work rather than hit the snooze button? It’s really difficult to motivate in the morning when you haven’t set your mind on it the night before. We say, plan your workouts ahead of time and be prepared. Some days life gets in the way so keep in mind that a short workout is better than none. Your goal should be to build and plan a sustainable exercise program. And know what you will keep you going, whether you’re a person who likes to mix things up with yoga and Cross Fit or if you prefer to dedicate yourself to only running. When you have a routine that keeps you interested and challenged, it’s much easier to wake up and get to it.

3. Think yourself thinner. The best compliments are always the ones you pay yourself. After every exercise session, take a few minutes to sit down, relax and bask in the glow of your accomplishment (It’s your 100th spin class! You did 5 pull ups!). Revel in the fact that you did something good for your body. Even if there’s no milestone to record, focus on three positive things you accomplished with each workout, and jot them down on your phone. Read them over when you need motivation.

4. Feel guilty. Hear us out. Some negative thinking can be positive. A study found that people who believed they’d regret skipping the gym worked out more than typical for the next 2 weeks. The people that didn’t acknowledge the regret ended up exercising less.

Focusing on how you’ll feel if you miss the benefits of exercise is a smart way to prioritize a future workout. Consider each sweat session a get-out-of-guilt-free pass! Need a way to start? Visualization can help you achieve fitness goals. First, close your eyes and take several slow, deep breaths to relax. Then picture yourself doing the workout successfully and confidently. Make the mental experience as real as you can. In addition to feeling the movement, imagine the sweet sights, sounds and smells of success.

5. Chow down to slim down. Surprise: The number-one habit that keeps people from eating healthfully is…under-eating! You can’t fool your body; if you skip meals, you’ll crave more calories, probably in the form of late-night ice cream (that’s us!). Have Noom do the math and figure out how many calories total you need for maximum energy and weight control or loss. The Noom app offers a new way to think about weight loss. It’s an intuitive, delicious, encouraging program that initiates a lasting change. The experts behind the app will create a meal plan to help you achieve your food and weight goals. With the help of a dedicated coaching team, a group of weight loss and meal plan peers, and your own inner grit, you can train your brain to push through distractions and stay the course.

6. Make a backup plan. If you find you have trouble maintaining an eat-healthy commitment on hectic days, create a contingency strategy. Make a list of five dinners you can whip up from either canned or frozen foods, items that are typically stocked in your pantry or lower-fat frozen entrées. Noom is a great resource for easy recipes that match up with your nutrition goals. Being prepared is key to preventing pig-outs.

The editors wrote this article in partnership with Noom.


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