How To Choose The Best Bridal Party Ever

May 31, 2013 by Emily Anderson
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If you’ve ever spent any time day-dreaming about your wedding, then you’ve probably envisioned the ladies who would be by your side. Maybe it was always just your three long-time BFFs, maybe it was a huge ensemble comprised of people that represent every stage in your life, from pre-school to post-grad. In either case, there are many things to consider when it finally comes time to assemble your ideal bridal party.

Prioritize your inner circles. Think of your social circles in Google + terms. When picking your bridal party, does fam trump college friends? Do college friends trump coworker friends? That’s 100% your decision of course – but winnow your b-maid nominees into one solid ring of people you’d love to shop, party, booze and schmooze with 24/7.

Lean on your core crew. Who are the gals you turn to in times of strife, stress, and celebration? Your go-to girls should by all means be the heart and soul of your bridal party. Even if you feel obligated to have an epic number of bridesmaids, you’ll need to delegate certain activities to your MOH and perhaps a few second-in-commands, in order to avoid complete wedding party chaos.

Make sure you’re picking people who are reliable and timely. The amount you love someone is perpendicular to the amount of time you’ll allow them to be late for a lady date. You’ll be a lot less graceful, however, if the same chick is 40 minutes late to your bachelorette party, bridal shower, or wedding rehearsal.

Don’t overload your bridal party with hardcore partiers. Balance is key when picking your maids. Add too many champagne happy party girls, and you could find yourself in serious trouble. Make sure there’s a voice of reason in your party (or 3) – someone who’ll say “You know what, ladies? Maybe a sixth bottle of champagne is overkill.”

Cave (a little) to expectations. If your family is fully expecting you to to include your sister or BFF from kindergarten in your wedding party, you have two options: don’t, and create needless wedding drama, or do, and avoid many, many awkward conversations. Even if your kindergarten BFF is more a friend of the family than your personal bestie now, the gesture will be appreciated.

Keep crazy to a minimum. Of course, if said sister or BFF will make your life a living hell, then there is serious reason to hold back the bridesmaid crown. You don’t want to throw anyone in your bridal party who is a non-stop drama factory. But do ask yourself – is this person truly a nightmare, or do they just annoy me in a thousand different ways because I’ve known them for 20 plus years?

Don’t overlook the expense. Being a bridesmaid is costly – there’s the expense of the b-maid dress, travel, accommodations, gifts, and other special treats for the bride. If it reportedly costs over $500 to be a wedding guest, that figure is probably almost double for a b-maid travelling across state lines to take part in your special day. If you’re worried one of your fave ladies can’t swing it, be ready to assist in whatever way you can.

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