Here's How To Clean Your Shower Without Harsh Chemicals (But Still Get The Same Results!)

September 29, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
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I genuinely enjoy cleaning and I have zero shame admitting it. It’s actually, dare I say, enjoyable once you get into the swing of things. However, one room of the house that chills me to my core is the bathroom. I can’t stand cleaning countertops, tubs, toilets, etc. It’s honestly disgusting. Not to mention, it takes a lot of effort to clean a tub because of all the caked on soap scum. It’s honestly like you need a super strength power washer to get rid of the gunky grim that builds up in the tiniest corners of your shower. Unfortunately, it’s not gonna clean itself and you do need to figure out the best way to clean your bathroom. But before you start searching the best ways for “how to clean a shower,” we have one cleaning hack that can seriously be a lifesaver. Luckily, there are really easy tricks for when it comes to cleaning your shower doors or your bathroom tub.

According to PureWow, you should clean your shower with a dryer sheet. Yup. No harsh chemicals and rubber gloves optional. Simply take a dryer sheet (new or used), dampen it with a little water and scrub away. Now, why is using a dryer sheet while scrubbing effective? PureWow says that dryer sheets have fabric softening ingredients that also soften up soap scum. Therefore, you’re essentially softening (and lifting) the soap scum! Plus, it’s a bonus if your dryer sheets are scented– your bathroom will be smelling like a fresh meadow in no time. It’s really that easy! The more you use dryer sheets, the less you’ll have to reach for those heavy duty cleaners that are full of overwhelming fumes and often give you major headaches.

There’s even an additional way to get your shower clean and make it smell so good if you want to try out more than one DIY shower cleaning hack. Let’s turn to the fruits you have in your kitchen. Yes, that’s right, I said fruits. There’s one fruit that can actually be a big help when it comes to getting that shower squeaky clean. You should try this one unique hack out: use grapefruit to clean your bathroom. Apartment Therapy found that using grapefruit and salt can also be an effective way to scrub that tub.

Here are the steps you should follow for using grapefruit to help clean your bathroom:

  1. Take one grapefruit and cut it in half
  2. Get 1/4 cup of coarse kosher salt and sprinkle it generously onto the grapefruit half
  3. Simply scrub away with your salt-coated grapefruit (it’s like a skin exfoliator for your shower!)

We hope these DIY natural cleaning tips give your tidying habits a total makeover. After all, the best cleaning tips are the ones that really cut down the time wasted wiping counter and scrubbing tubs. has the low down for all the lifestyle tips and hacks you need. For more cleaning ideas, check out these articles on how to get lipstick stains off of clothing and how to get rid of pit stains on silk dresses and tops.

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