How To Fix Broken Sunglasses (So You Don't Need To Buy A New Pair!)

June 29, 2016 by Katelyn Holland
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Come summer, I’m always guilty of splurging on a few new pairs of sunglasses. Not only are sunnies a necessity, but they can make or break an outfit. Unfortunately, sunglasses are super easy to loose and break. It doesn’t matter if you spent $30 or $300, breaking your favorite pair of sunglasses can be devastating.  But don’t give up hope just yet! Here are a few tricks for fixing your sunglasses in a flash:

Are your sunglasses too loose? You can take your shades to almost any glasses store and they will tighten them for you. Most of the time this is completely free, even if you didn’t buy the sunglasses there! My local LenCrafters has fixed many pairs of my sunglasses at no charge. I usually donate to their OneSight foundation as a thank you.

To adjust wire and plastic frames at home, place the sunglasses in warm water (not boiling!) for a few minutes. Remove the frames from the water and bend gently to adjust. If the frames become cool, soak them in water again and repeat.

The internet offers many creative solutions for fixing scratched lenses (such as rubbing the scratch with toothpaste). In my opinion, these methods will ruin your lenses instead of fixing them. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer. Many manufacturers will offer replacement lenses at a lower cost than replacing the whole pair.

Invest in an eyeglass repair kit, like this one from Amazon ($6.39).  These little kits come with replacements screws, new nose pads, and a small screw driver. The screw driver can be used to quickly tighten your frames.

In a pinch and don’t have a replacement screw handy? You can use wire or a piece of a toothpick instead of a screw. But be warned, this is not a long term solution!

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