How To Get A Proposal By Labor Day: 10 Tried & True Tips For Getting That Ring

June 1, 2012 by emilyanderson
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Wedding season is officially in full swing, and with all those June and July weddings popping up on your calendar, you may find yourself thinking for the first (or possibly the thousandth time) about getting hitched yourself. If you’d like to be on the fast track to wedding town, here are 10 things you can do to get that engagement ring by summer’s end.

1. Use all those summer weddings as conversation starters. If you start thinking about cake, you go to a bakery. If you start thinking about marriage, you go to a wedding. Take advantage of all those friggin’ summer weddings you have to attend or be in; a friend’s wedding is the perfect place to casually mention that you’d love to get married one day, or, specifically, what you’re dream day would be like (“I want a big band at my wedding!” “Those calla lilies make the perfect bouquet.” “I look GREAT in white.” You get the idea.)

2. Learn to cook.  Or better yet, roast an “engagement chicken.” The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the editors at Glamour swear by this Engagement Chicken recipe, which has resulted in numerous engagements for Glamour readers and employees alike.

3. Get in the best shape of your life. It’s summertime, so you’re probably already conscious of your bikini bod, so it’s the perfect time to shed all that “happy fat” you’ve packing on during the relationship — and remind him why he needs to “lock that down.” It may sound superficial, but let us not forget that men think about sex every 7 seconds. If its you popping up in those frequent fantasies and not the check-out girl at Whole Foods, you’ll be in better shape to get the ring. Pun intended.

4. Go along with his travel plans. Men are not great planners, so if you tend to take the reigns, make a concerted effort to lay off. Let him do the planning this summer – he might have something up his sleeve. If he invites you to Lake Placid on a whim — you go to there. If it’s Paris, you can stop reading this post now and start reading 10 Things To Do If He’s Going To Propose.

5. Throw a barbecue and introduce him to your parents, or spend some time with his. A little parental pressure to tie the knot never hurt anyone (at least not fatally).

6. Shut up about it already. If you’ve been bringing it up for months, it’s possible your nagging is ruining the whole idea for your potential spouse-to-be. Even if you’ve agreed in not-so-many-words to marry, he still wants the proposal to be a surprise. You should stop speaking candidly about the engagement for 1-2 months prior, so that when it happens it feels truly magical.

7. Show him you can go it alone. Relationship expert Sherry Agrov, who wrote Why Men Marry B*****s, suggests that men are more likely to marry a woman who is independent enough to not really need a man. So leave the clingy, needy tendencies at the door — they may be a roadblock to getting engaged.

8. Give him an ultimatum. Okay, this contradicts tip #6 — but that’s because ultimatums only work in certain situations. Is there already a bun in the oven, or do you have kids together? Is your biological clock ticking? Is it time to – pardon our french – shit or get off the pot? These are all good reasons to throw down the wedding gauntlet. We know that women’s fertility peaks in her 20s, and drops significantly after age 35, so if you want children, a proposal is a perfectly reasonable request.

9. Pop the question yourself. It’s the 21st century, after all! It worked out well enough for this gal.

10. If all else fails… find a new boyfriend. If he’s not the one, it’s time to move on. There are so many fish in the sea; sign up for eHarmony, dig out your bar tops and put yourself out there. And if you need one in a pinch, try one of those creepy sites where hot girls hook up with rich guys.

Need a little wedding-related humor to distract from the fact that you still don’t have a ring? Check out this Snooki VS. Angelina Jolie wedding dress showdown, or check out 10 ways to re-use your wedding dress.


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