Millennial Real Talk: How To Get Psyched Up For Work If This Is Your First Job

March 10, 2014 by Sara Alderman
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Have A Morning Ritual Whether it's cooking yourself breakfast, waking up an hour earlier to hit the gym or watching the Today Show, it's good to do something for yourself that takes your mind off work before you spend the next nine or so hours in the office.

Get Dressed Up And Treat Yourself When You're Not Feeling It If you're not feeling it on a Tuesday morning or day you know is going to be super busy, do something special for yourself. Get dressed up in your favorite outfit, or treat yourself to a blubbery muffin. It will instantly make the day ahead better. [Photo: Jake Rosenberg For The Coveteur]

Change Up Your Commute Don't leave for the office or go home at the exact same time everyday. Stay late and get ahead on work, or make time to stope for coffee on your way in. Also, take a different route everyday when you commute, whether you walk, drive or use public transportation. You can always change which streets you walk and drive on, and how you get from the subway/bus to your office/home.

Listen To Good Tunes On Your Commute You can make a playlist of songs you used to love listening to in college, or download the Spotify app on your phone and listen to a Mood Booster playlist, like this one.

Set Daily Goals Turn everyday task into "goals," even if it's something as menial as making copies. It will motivate you that much more to get everything done and you'll feel accomplished once you complete it all.

Know What You Like And Are Good At If you know what you're good at and like doing at your job, do it everyday. It will make you happy to do something you like and it's even better when you know you do it well!

Have 1 Work Related Thing A Week To Get Excited About Having something to look forward to at the office will make you want to actually get out of bed and go to work every morning. It can be anything from a new project, event, meeting, even something as little as treating yourself to your favorite lunch place.

Have 1 Non-Work Related Thing To Look Forward To Every Night If you're not having the greatest day, having something to look forward to when you get home will make you feel better. Some ideas are trying a new recipe for dinner or watching The Voice with you roomie. Just know in a few hours you'll get to leave the office and do something you're excited about.

Ask For More Work If You're Bored According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report, most people hate their jobs because they are "not engaged," aka bored. So instead of mopping around about how you don't feel challenged, ask your boss for more to do! Extra work might lead to a promotion or raise if you do it well, and we all know money is a great motivator!

Make Friends In The Office Instead of venting to co-workers about a task you don't want to do or how much you hate your job, just be positive. Your attitude will rub off on others and your boss will definitely take notice. If you're finding it hard to block out the negative thoughts, then befriend a positive co-worker. His/her energy will put you in a good mood too.

Don't Be Afraid To Step Up Voice your opinions and share your ideas. Seeing your work take off and actually benefit your company is such a great feeling and gives you confidence to do more and validation that you belong here.



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