How To Get The Engagement Ring You Want

May 18, 2012 by emilyanderson
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Sure, you could always just slip a magazine ad into his brief case, steer him into a jewelry store at the mall, or tell him pointe blank. But where’s the mystery in all that? We prefer a slightly more coy approach….

1. Make a Pinterest board of rings you want, and share it with him. Ain’t no shame — there are already hundreds of “Rings I Want” boards on the site. (If you don’t want to send it to him directly, just “share” it with your “friends” on Facebook…repeatedly.)

2. Wear jewelry in the same style or shape that you’d like your ring to be. (Guys do occasionally notice that stuff.)

3. Work diamond terms into everyday conversation. Like “classic,” “vintage,” “solitaire,” “princess,” “cut,” “color” and “3 carats.”

4. If your heart is set on a Tiffany ring, sign him up for the Tiffany newsletter. Ditto for Zales, Gemvara, Blue Nile… in fact, if subtlety’s not your thing, sign him up for all of them!

5. Get a girlfriend to covertly offer him assistance. Promise yourself you won’t get her sloshed and make her spill the beans later.

6. Dog-ear rings you love in fashion magazines, or leave the magazine open to a specific page.

7. Introduce him to your relative with all the great heirlooms. Be sure to let Granny or Great Aunt Edna know in advance that he’s totally “The One”…

8. Bookmark Blue Nile’s “Diamond Education” on his laptop. He’ll notice sooner or later.

9. Engage him in a conversation about birthstones – including the ones you love. Hint: April’s is diamond!

10. Download Tiffany’s Ring Finder app on your shared device, and update with all of your settings (size, etc) and preferences. The next time he goes looking for Angry Birds in Space, he’ll get the hint.

11. Be specific about what you absolutely love about someone else’s ring. If one of your girlfriend’s recently gotten engaged, gush about what you love about her ring (publicly) or harp on about what you don’t like (privately).

12. Make a Powerpoint slideshow. Okay, this one is not-so-subtle and totally for the type-A babe. School him on all the different cuts and styles. Be sure to use bullet points!

13. If you’ve already found your dream ring, ‘accidentally’ send it to him via email or IM. That should take any guesswork out. Blame technology on the screw-up and say something like – “You weren’t supposed to see that!”

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