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How To Re-Gift Like A Boss

December 22, 2016 by SheFinds
shefinds | Style

Today is National Re-gifting Day! We’re here to show you how to win at this game of re-gifting. Yes, it is a game, which means it has rules for how to “play”. Like, don’t re-gift to the original gifter and what types of things you should (and shouldn’t) re-gift. You shouldn’t actually re-gift on re-gifting day, it’s too obvious, duh. Feeling hesitant? No worries. Here are some facts that should make you feel better about this whole re-gifting thing. We promise, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

  1. 60% of people think that re-gifting is becoming more acceptable.
  2. 25% believe it’s a way to save during the holidays.
  3. 14% believe that it’s a form of recycling.
  4. Oprah approves. She included re-gifting (kind of) in her 2008 episode of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. BOOM.

Check out some tips and tricks for how to kill it if you’re re-gifting this holiday season below.

Make Sure You’re Not Re-Gifting To The Original Gifter

This is a no-brainer. But if you SOMEHOW find yourself giving back the gift, play it off like you just went out and bought her the same thing. You can say, “It’s because I thought it would be perfect for you too!”

Don’t Re-Gift In The Same Circles

Obvi you shouldn’t re-gift to the person who gave you the present in the first place, but re-gifting in the same circles is tricky too. Trust me, I know. I received a box of 20 Bonne Bell Lip Smackers in 4th grade from a friend and gave a few away to other friends. Lets just say, it did not end well. And THAT’S why you shouldn’t re-gift in the same circles: friends, family, you get the idea.

Think Of Re-Gifting As Being Green

It’s true! By re-gifting something you’re not driving anywhere to buy a gift and you’re saving money!

Make It Look Pretty G

et fancy with some festive wrapping paper, ribbon and bows. It will make you feel like less of a jerk for giving someone else something you hate. And PLEASE make sure to remove any and all signs that the gift was originally for you.

Works Best With Your Co-Workers

Office parties are the perfect place to re-gift. It’s hard to shop for the people you work with! Instead of stressing out and spending time figuring out what to get them, just give them one of your unwanted gifts. Hey, 4 of 10 people who regift give those gifts to coworkers, so it’s def the move.

Make Sure Gift Cards Aren’t An Odd Number (Aka Not Used)

Again, a no-brainer. If you’re re-gifting a gift card, make sure it is an even number ($25, $50, $100…you get it). If it’s like $74.59, the person will know you used it and that it’s a re-gift.

What You SHOULD Re-Gift

Unopened wine, new household items (small appliances and utensil sets), inexpensive jewelry, and movies.

What You SHOULDN’T Re-Gift

Collector’s item: sell that on eBay! Can you return it? If so, you can get something you actually want. Anything you’ve worn. Anything personalized, monogrammed or handmade. If it’s from your significant other, bestie, or parents, it’s probably best to just suck it up and keep the gift. If they ever found out you re-gifted, there could be some serious hurt feelings.

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