Use These Simple Tips To Look Your Best By New Year's Eve

October 8, 2019 by SHEfinds Editors
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Of course you want to look good on New Year’s Eve. It’s the start of a brand new year, and looking your best as you ring it in can only be a good thing. You’ve still got a few months before the big day, so use them to your advantage. Now’s the time to start integrating healthy lifestyle habits that will help you become the most beautiful and radiant version of yourself.

How to Look Skinny on New Year’s Eve

Drink More Water

…And drink less coffee, alcohol, and soda, and the like. There are multiple benefits to upping your h20 intake and cutting back on everything else. First and most obvious, you consume less calories–both because of the caloric beverages and mix-ins you aren’t drinking, and because water acts as an appetite suppressant and will help you eat less overall. But in addition to helping with weight loss, swapping other drinks for water can also help improve your complexion. Caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating, and soda is full of sugar–and both can lead to a dry and dull complexion, often with some acne on the side. The standard recommendation for water intake is at least eight eight-ounce cups a day. If you find it hard to drink that much or simply miss your fun beverages, try sparkling and/or naturally flavored water. Just be sure it’s not the kind with artificial sweetener.

Get Enough Sleep

While it may feel like the easiest thing to cut out when you’re busy with work, social life, and all the rest, getting enough sleep–for most people, seven or eight hours every night—is incredibly important. Your whole body resets and restores during the night, including your cells, which rapidly regenerate. This means dryness, irritation, and other skin concerns heal more quickly overnight than they do during the day. Not getting enough sleep can increase levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. Getting enough sleep, alternatively, has been positively associated with weight loss in studies. Getting into a bedtime routine and a consistent sleep schedule will help you get all the Zs you can.

Move Your Body

As with drinking more water, the most obvious benefit of getting more exercise is weight loss–but it’s certainly not the only one. Vigorous movement increases blood flow, which helps oxygen and nutrients travel all over your body and makes your skin healthier and more vibrant. The blood flow also flushes out waste and toxins from your system. And, studies have shown that exercising regularly doesn’t just delay skin ageing–it can actually reverse it. Just be sure to keep your outdoor exercise to the morning or evening, and work out indoors during the midday hours. Getting too much sun can harm your skin in a different way, and you’re vulnerable to rays even in the winter. In terms of the type of physical activity, resistance training is great for increasing metabolism, while any sort of cardio is the quickest way to burn calories.

Enlist Support

Any type of lifestyle change requires commitment, but just committing to yourself, no matter how earnestly, is often not enough. That’s where friends, family, peers, and professionals come in. This could look like a friend you hit the gym with most mornings before work, a coworker who joins you in cutting out soda, a spouse who agrees to start your bedtime routine a couple of hours earlier, or any other type of accountability buddy. If you’re having trouble finding someone IRL or want even more support, an app like Noom is a great resource. Noom helps you make lasting lifestyle changes through a combination of expert advice and always-accessible community.

The editors at SheFinds wrote this article in partnership with Noom.


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