How To Make A Super Small Closet Feel HUGE

March 25, 2014 by Sara Alderman
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Only have one season's worth of clothes at a time You don't need shorts taking up room in your closet during the dead of winter, and you don't need boots occupying space when it's above 60 degrees. So even if you live somewhere that doesn't experience the coldest of winters or hottest of summers, you should still only keep things in your closet that you will wear in the next few weeks. Even when it's 60 degrees in January, will you really wear those cut-offs that are kind of too short? Probs not. [Photo Credit: Jen Ramos of]

Place what you never use on the highest shelf For me, my luggage and books go on top of my wardrobe because those are the things I use the least. If you haven't touched it in months then it shouldn't be at eye level...because you know you won't be needing to grab it anytime soon. Start by putting the pieces you use least on top of your wardrobe/closet and work your way down. [Photo Credit: Jen Ramos of]

Mount a pegboard on your closet door Whether you want it on the inside of outside, pick a place to mount a pegboard on your closet. Not only can you easily get hooks to hang jewelry, but you can also use it to hold bags, belts, scarves and sunglasses. Plus with so many holes, you'll quadruple the amount of hanging space you'd get from just using hooks. [Photo Credit: A Bowl Full Of Lemons]

Get over the door hangers For any other side of your closet door where you don't have a peg board--get an over the door hanger. There's so many options out there these days, from this Over-the-Door Vanity Station ($59, down from $89) to this Zia Over The Rod Swivel Handbag Holder ($16.99). Like we said, make use of every single inch of space you have! [Photo Credit:]

Use over the door hangers IN your closet If you have somewhere to hang over the door hangers in your closet, go for it. It's like adding a whole inch or two of hanging space behind your closet doors. [Photo Credit: Make Under My Life]

Get "S" hooks for accessories S Hooks ($3.19) are perfect for hanging handbags and belts. You can either use them as hangers and put them on the clothing rod, or have them hang off hangers to create even MORE hanging space. These hooks are so little and hang vertically that they take up even less space than regular hangers. [Photo Credit: Make Under My Life]

Use sweater and shoe organizers for other items Just because it says it's for a certain item, doesn't mean you can't store anything else there. Stephanie Hayman, buyer for, points out that you can also use these in-closet hangers for jeans. And that got me thinking that these can work for tops too! You'll actually get more out of folding and stacking your jeans and tees here instead of hanging them. Same goes for shoe organizers. You can just fit random things that you need in your room but have no place for in these smaller holders. [Photo Credit:]

Use command hooks  When in doubt, use Command Hooks ($7.57, down from 8.76). Seriously, stick 'em anywhere. Inside or outside closet doors, on the side of wardrobes or even on your walls. Hang your best jewelry or handbag around your room as a way to display the pieces you love.

Make use of extra space Speaking of hanging your best pieces around your room, Stephanie also suggests styling whatever you can on bookshelves or nightstands. Instant room decor! [Photo Credit:]



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