How This Woman Kicked Her Soda Habit For Good

June 26, 2018 by Jeanine Edwards
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I grew up in the eighties and nineties, which was well before soda became so widely associated with obesity and poor health, so it was never off limits for me as a child. My parents wouldn’t even flinch when my brother and I ordered soda while out to dinner.

Flash forward to my twenties when I was pregnant with my daughter and soda was one of my biggest cravings. And not just any soda, but super sugary, carbonated colas. Honestly, I could not get enough. I probably drank it every single day for five months straight.

When I gave birth, I cut back but definitely didn’t/couldn’t give up soda altogether even though there is now plenty of research documenting how bad it is for you. I almost always ordered cola when out to dinner and I simply cannot have Chinese food without ginger ale.

I don’t drink alcohol or coffee, so I’ve never really had to justify my love for soda. Everyone is entitled to at least one not-so-healthy beverage, right? Plus, I don’t have cavities and I have a normal BMI, so soda with lunch or dinner clearly wasn’t causing me too much harm.

When my daughter was little she didn’t really notice that I was drinking something other than the milk she was drinking, but once she got older she began questioning why I could drink soda but I wouldn’t let her drink it. Obviously as an adult I can do things that my child cannot, but her question was valid. Why was I putting something in my body that I didn’t want her putting in hers?

With no sufficient answer, I decided to try and kick my soda habit. After drinking nothing but still water for a few weeks, I realized that one of the things I missed most about soda was not the sugar, but the “burn” of the carbonation. So, I ventured into the world of fizzy waters.

I’ll start by saying that not all sparkling waters are equal. I was always one of those people who unequivocally hated seltzer water because it tasted like bubbly nothingness. What I soon came to realize is that yes, compared to soda sparkling water is a bit of a letdown. It is water after all and not laden with sugar. But sparkling water isn’t all boring and flavorless. It took some searching, but I finally found a few sparkling water brands and flavors that fill the void of soda in my life. Hint Fizz is one of my absolute favorite fizzy waters. It’s so good that I can even drink them warm. Not only are the Hint Fizz waters super carbonated so they give me the “burn,” but they don’t have the disgusting fake sugar taste that’s pervasive in so many diet sodas and flavored waters. Instead, you get bubbly sparkling water with fruit essence that doesn’t leave any after taste. Whenever I find myself craving soda (i.e. when I’m eating greasy Chinese food), I drink a sparkling water like Hint Fizz instead and I feel satisfied, even a bit pleased with myself for making the healthier choice.

Since I’ve cut out soda from my diet, I’ve noticed a few amazing changes. My skin is much softer now and my complexion definitely seems to have benefited from cutting out all the excess sugar in soda. I’ve also noticed a pretty significant change in my teeth. While I never got cavities as a result of drinking soda, anyone who drinks cola knows that it leaves a weird, kind of disgusting sugary film on your teeth. With soda out of my life, my smile is definitely noticeably brighter and my teeth just feel a lot better, too.

So, if you’ve been trying to kick soda to no avail, I’m here to tell you it is possible. It’s not easy and even after you stop drinking it on the regular you’ll still crave it, but that’s why it’s important to always have a good fizzy water handy. Not only is it healthier, but it really can be just as satisfying once you find a flavor you love.


The editors at SheFinds wrote this post on behalf of Hint and received compensation as part of our agreement.


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