How To Store Your Handbags So They'll Always Look New

May 5, 2015 by Claudia Saide
shefinds | Style

I’m a complete bag lady, but I also have a mild case of OCD, so everything I own has to be put away properly, including my handbags. I’d never dare dream of leaving them piled up on a shelf, or hanging them on a door-knob. I take storing my handbags very seriously, and guess what? They’re all more or less in perfect condition (even the ones I purchased over 10 years ago). So if you’d like to keep your bags in mint condition, just follow my lead—you won’t be disappointed.

Tip #1: Don’t throw out the original packaging. If your handbag came with a dust bag or in a box, or hopefully with both, do not throw either of those things out—you need them for when you’re putting the bag away. If the bag came stuffed with paper, you might want to keep that too.

Tip #2: Empty it. Before you put your bag away, take everything out—you’re asking for issues when you leave things like pens and lipgloss inside.

Tip #3: Check for stains. Definitely check your bag for any stains before putting it away. If you notice something, have it cleaned immediately, especially if the bag is leather. Leather is porous, and the more time a stain has to penetrate, the worse it’s going to get.

Tip #4: Choose an area that’s clean, dry, and away from the sun. The sun can cause fading, and a damp environment can lead to mildew staining (yuck).

Tip #5: Stuff it. Once your bag is nice and clean, stuff it with tissue paper, packing paper or bubble wrap—this will help maintain the shape. Just be careful not to overstuff it, that can lead to stretching.

Tip #6: Use the dust bag. If your bag came with a dustcover, you should absolutely use it. Not only is a dustcover great because it keeps bags dust-free, but it also reduces the chances of any damage, and it protects it from the sun, further preventing the likelihood of fading. If you don’t have the original dustcover, you can also use a pillowcase. And if you still have the bag’s original box (but you’re not tight on space), after you’ve put the bag in the dust bag, put it away in the box.

Tip #7: Avoid stacking. It’s way better to store your bags upright and side by side. You could even use shelf dividers for extra support. BUT if you just can’t get around stacking them (the visual of that gives me major anxiety FYI), please make sure they’re stuffed with paper or bubble wrap so they don’t smushed.

And that’s really all there is to it.

***Side note for OCD freaks like me: Consider investing in a handbag liner, or small pouch to keep any loose belongings in like lip balm, gum, and pens—the benefits are two-fold. First, every time you switch a bag, all you’ll have to do is remove the liner and place it into the bag you want to wear, as opposed to collecting all the various knick-knacks that tend to build up at the bottom of a purse; and two, it’ll keep the inside of the bag clean and in great condition.

For more on storage, check out how to store put away your boots and your sweaters. [Photo: Pardon My Obsession, Givenchy bag here]


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