How To Throw The Best Bachelorette Party Ever

March 26, 2013 by Pauline Millard
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For a lot of brides, the bachelorette party is their favorite event — next to the actual wedding. Decorum and rules tend to fall by the wayside for the sake of a good time. It’s a night — or even a weekend —  of fun and debauchery with your besties. And it’s all for you!

In order to have the best time allowed by law, a little planning goes a long way.  Sort out where you want to go in advance and understand that small ideas — such as preparing for the hangovers in advance — is abslute genius. Throw in a few games that aren’t lame and let the good times roll.

1. Pick a ridiculous theme. Picking a theme will allow for the rest of the planning to fall right in to place. Gold rush? Parisian? Disney princesses? No judgement. Giving your bachelorette a theme will also make buying favors and choosing bachelorette games easier for the person who is planning. It will also spark some creative outfits.

2. Put your most organized friend and your most fun friend in charge. It’s a two person job, and your type-A friend will work out all the logistics while your party girl friend will think of the most outrageous and awesome ideas for celebrating. If you put the kibosh on strippers and wearing a goofy veil, your fun friend will find plenty of other ways to keep everyone entertained.

3. Give at least two months notice. Send out a “bachelorette save the date” e-mail at least two to four months prior to the weekend. We all loves the idea of a weekend in Vegas, but if the trip involves buying an airline ticket, giving advanced notice is the right thing to do. Even if the event is local, it also gives people a chance to budget, since bachelorette parties can involve outlays of cash. Everyone wants to have a good time, but not if it’s the week that the rent is due.

4. Think local. Vegas is great in theory – but traveling can be costly, not to mention hotels, meals and drinks. Find a local stretch of bars where you can have just as much fun. Consider renting a party bus and go wine tasting at the nearest winery. The photos will be amazing. Rent a hotel suite at your city’s swankiest hotel, and have a mini spa day. Take the money saved by not having to fly somewhere and put it right back in to the party.

5. Ask for discounts. Just like you would for your honeymoon, be shameless about asking for discounts on everything from hotel rooms to transportation to complimentary champagne. Tell everyone in the bar its your big day, and don’t be afraid to ask the bartender for a free round. Call ahead if you must and speak with the manager. You’ll be surprised by what you may get. In this age of social media, every bar wants to be known as the hot spot. And nothing says “fun” more than a bunch of drunk girls at a bachelorette party.

6. Designate a sober sister. If all your friends are lushes, (and you know they are), invite someone who doesn’t drink to act as an unofficial chaperone. She could be the designated driver, if necessary, but at the very least she can keep all your drunk asses in line. She is a good person to hold the cash in case you need cabs home or to take care of the bill if you order round after rounds of drinks.

7. Assign a photographer: This is the job for your friend who is the amateur photographer or who takes her Instagram account very seriously. Make sure, though, that you have final say on what gets posted to social media — you need complete veto powers on this one. What if you want to run for political office one day?

8. Pre-game with a signature cocktail: Look online for a signature cocktail that fits your theme, and pre-game with it before going out to the bars. This will save you money on drinks in the long run. Note that vodka can make for angry drunks, while tequila usually makes people happy drunk. Ask whoever is mixing to keep drinks on the weak side. Prepare in pitchers and go heavy on the mixers. This is a perfect opportunity to use some of the margherita glasses you got at your shower.

9. Have hangover provisions ready: Ask your maid of honor to create hangover kits for all the guests – including a bottle of water, alka seltzer packets, aspirin or tylenol.  Scout out a diner ahead of time for a hangover breakfast, or at least one where you can order egg and cheese sandwiches from.

10. Decide who is paying for what before the check comes: Ask whoever is in charge of planning the weekend to give everyone a heads-up about how the bill is going to be split. If it’s a big group encourage everyone to bring cash, so that you’re not playing the awkward credit card split with eight different debit cards. Forward around menus, websites of bars so that everyone know what’s planned. Everyone loathes girl who orders water at the $15 martini places because she thinks it’s overpriced. Then why did she come along?

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