How To Wash Your Jeans So They Last Forever

April 9, 2015 by Claudia Saide
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Believe it or not, there actually is a right way to clean your jeans, so if you’d like to maintain their color and quality, you gotta know how it’s done. We know, tossing them into the washer and dryer is just so easy, but doing so really isn’t ideal since hot water and dry heat causes denim to shrink and fade. So instead of taking the easy way out, follow the pointers we drummed up from About Style and—your jeans will be in a way happier place, and so will you.

Wash jeans occasionally—not every time you wear them. If you can’t see the actual dirt, they’re probably not really that dirty.

Avoid the washing machine as much as possible. If you really have to use it, turn your jeans inside out and only wash them on the most delicate setting.

Never stick jeans in the dryer. Either hang them to dry outside if it’s a nice day (keeping them out of the sun), or put them on a drying rack.

Skip the soap—it fades the dye—but when it is time to give your jeans a good wash, use vinegar—it’s a natural cleaner and it also helps to lock color in and prevent any bleeding. Just soak your jeans in a bath of cold water mixed with a cup of vinegar for about an hour, then lay them flat to dry. Don’t worry, the smell of the vinegar will dissipate as they dry. If you do need to use the washing machine, set it to cold and add the vinegar into the washer.

Spot clean. When your jeans get stained, don’t throw them into the wash, just attack the spot. Use a laundry stain remover, leave it on for a few minutes, then use a damp cloth to wet the area and scrub the stain away.

Try the steam clean approach. Hang them in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower so that the steam and scents from your soap permeate your jeans and leave them smelling nice and fresh.

Hand wash. If you’re dead against using vinegar, you can hand wash your jeans in a warm water bath with some gentle detergent. Soak them in a tub for 20 minutes then rinse them with warm water. Squeeze out the excess water and hang them out to dry.

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