I Get Brand-Name Makeup For Free, But I Still Buy My Foundation At The Drugstore

August 20, 2014 by Julia Welling
shefinds | beauty

Alright, I’m going to be honest. I have suffered from acne since I was 11-years-old. For the past twelve years, I’ve been popping, picking and covering all of my white AND black heads. And since that first zit popped up all those years ago, I’ve been in a never ending search for the best foundation to cover my pimples without causing more to form. If you’ve suffered from any type of acne, you probably feel my pain.

After years of using oil-causing, pore-clogging liquid foundations, which obviously made my situation worse, I was finally turned on to mineral powders. Of course, the bratty teenager in me begged my mom to spring for the pricey mineral foundation starter kit, and she did, because she understood my dilemma. (She also struggled with acne during her teenage years.)

I used the brand-name product for a few months after I purchased my starter kit, and even got refills, but over time, it became hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on an eleven-year-old’s makeup. I technically wasn’t even “allowed” to wear makeup to school for heaven’s sake (silly private school rules). So, my parents didn’t want to waste the money on something that I might get in trouble for, or that I might have to wash off in the bathroom. (Luckily, I almost never got caught… SHHH!) But like every good mom, she found a solution. She did what she does best:  found a good knock-off. And that knock-off turned out to be the best beauty discovery that she and I have ever made.

When I ran out of my over-priced minerals, my mom drove me to our local CVS, and we picked out L’Oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation ($11.59). See…even the name is similar to other brands like Bare Minerals and Pure Minerals. But in reality, these foundations aren’t the same at all.

First off, L’Oreal’s mineral foundation offers way more coverage than other mineral brands (no matter how much you cake on). It actually provides sooo much coverage that I’ve had multiple people tell me that I have “great skin.” Ha! I’ve got them fooled. And it stays on all day. With other brands, I found that I had to reapply my minerals half-way through the day.

What’s also great is that every container comes with a new brush and brush cover. That means that pizza-faces, like me, never have to worry about not having a clean brush. (yes, I’ve been called that before) With this stuff, you’ll never spread germs and bacteria around your face with a dirty brush again.

Though I’ve cheated and been unfaithful to my beloved drugstore brand a few times and went searching for “something even better,” I have always gone back to good ole’ L’Oreal. I can’t say that it has solved all of my skin problems, but it is by far the best foundation I’ve found for my acne-prone skin, and I can assure you that I’ve tried A LOT.

Who would’ve thought that the best mineral foundation would only be $11 and come from aisle 6, instead of a department store or beauty shop like Sephora? Now, I expect you all to go out and try it. You’ve got nothing to lose. After all, it won’t give you acne. I promise.

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