If You Want Your Perfume Scent To Last All Day, Then Do This

October 19, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
shefinds | beauty

Some perfume can cost a lot of money so you want the scent to last on your skin, right? It’s almost inevitable that the scent will disappear not even halfway through the day. If you want your perfume scent to last longer, there are a few things you can do to extend its life.

Moisturize your skin. A perfume lasts longer when your skin is moisturized. If your skin is dry and you spray on perfume, it will instantly get absorbed into your dry skin. Dab on a little Vaseline, Aquaphor or unscented lotion wherever you’re going to spray the perfume. This will allow the scent to last longer!

Apply perfume to pulse points. There’s a reason behind spraying perfume on your pulse points and warm areas of your body. The warmness of your body will diffuse the fragrance. The best places to spray perfume are behind the neck, elbow crease, wrists and midriff.

Don’t dab your wrists together. This is a huge mistake almost everyone makes. Don’t ever dab or rub your wrists together after spraying on a perfume. Why? This crushes the top notes of your fragrance and it won’t last as long.

Of course, no fragrance is designed to last forever, so if you want to re-apply during the day then invest in a small travel bottle and fill it with your favorite scent! However, these tips will definitely allow your perfume scent to linger longer than usual.

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