Is It OK To Register For Cash? Yes, But Here's The Tasteful Way To Do It

April 6, 2012 by emilyanderson
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Modern couples face quite a conundrum when it comes to creating their registries: they already have plenty of basic homeware items and tchotchkes (who needs a second toaster or a Waterford ashtray, anyway?), $425/set China just seems ridiculous, and all you really want is cold hard cash.

Dinero is something they can always use, but asking outright seems gauche (even putting out card boxes can be tacky). Thanks to a series of new cash registry sites, giving money is now actually cool and enticing to gift-givers and receivers alike.


By prompting guests to contribute to a new home, the honeymoon, or other long-term goals, these sites take (most of) the awkwardness out of the cash exchange. But because these sites are still so new, many couples don’t even know about them — or how to use them. Before you start going crazy with the scanner-gun at Bed, Bath & Beyond — check out our run-down of the 4 best sites.

How they work: Cash sites aren’t unlike other registry sites – you identify the items you want, and guests choose from the list – but instead of ordering the item, they give you the cash to buy it yourself. These sites (below) send all gift money directly to your bank account. These services aren’t free, but they generally don’t cost any more than tax, shipping, and gift wrap. (And you get a free wedding website!)


Perks: Zankyou is a cash registry website that’s ideal for couples whose wedding guest list roster spans multiple countries, languages, and currencies. They’re an international company with wedding experts in 17 countries and 8 different languagues!

What it costs: There’s a  2.85% handling fee per gift. You can choose to either pay this fee out of your cash gift, or have your guests pay it on top of their gift. Your first bank transfer is free, following bank transfers are $9.75 each. If you elect to have your guests pay the handling fees, and you only use one bank transfer, your Zankyou cash registry is actually free.

Deposit A Gift

Perks: Deposit A Gift makes creating your registry stupidly easy – you can even choose from pre-made registries menus, which you’re free to customize as you like. Want to use the money to re-do your kitchen, or travel to Australia? There’s a menu for that.

What it costs: As far as rates go, there’s a 7.5% handling fee on every gift, which you or your guests can pay, but no withdrawal fees.

Simple Registry

Perks: Simple Registry allows you to register for gifts at a large variety of online stores with their SimpleAdder tool. It’s a great option if you find it hard to resist the temptation of making registries at Target AND Macy’s AND Bed Bath & Beyond. You can also use their mobile app to scan bar codes and add things to your registry on-the-go!

What it costs: There’s a 3.5% service fee, and a 3.5% transaction fee (which you or your guest can pay) on every gift. For a one-time fee of $35, you can opt out of all service fees – this applies for the lifetime of your account – so any future baby registries or fundraising registries are covered.


Perks: Honeyfund is a combination cash/travel registry. You set it up like most cash registry sites, but you can let your guests know how you’d prefer to receive your cash gift, whether that be via check, cash, or an immediate Paypal transfer. Unlike with other cash registry sites, money gifts go directly from your guests to you.

What it costs: Honeyfund is essentially FREE. The only costs involved are on Paypal’s end. However, unless people have Paypal accounts, you won’t see the money immediately.

Card Avenue

Perks: Card Avenue is a horse of a different color – the first online gift card registry! You can add gift cards from over 500 stores and restaurants to your registry.

What it costs: Nothing! Card Avenue is totally FREE! Do note that gift cards are delivered to the buyer’s (not the recipient’s) provided address,  unless they indicate otherwise during purchase – so it’s up to them to give them to you on your wedding day.

So what’s the consensus, brides? Is a cash registry for you? Want to find out how to cut corners on anything and everything for your wedding? Click here!


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