Is Shapewear Really Bad For You? The Answer, Once And For All

May 4, 2016 by Isabel Jones
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Obviously, shapewear is an amazing creation that’s been working to eliminate muffin tops and smooth unsightly bulges foreva (or since it was invented). In theory, we agree, it’s the absolute best. But in practice, is it actually okay for your body? We all know that waist trainers are bad — thanks for turning us onto those, Kim K… But something as innocuous as Spanx, could it really be hurting us?

According to doctors, YES, it is hurting you! Shapewear needs to be tight for it to make a noticeable difference, but this compression of your bod goes far beyond the skin. Sorry, this is a disgusting image, but shapewear actually squeezes your organs! Ick! We’ve all worn too-tight pants, it’s an uncomfortable situation, but not an emergency. Spanx hasn’t been linked to premature death or anything (yet), but it does wreak SERIOUS havoc on your digestive tract. According to Dr. Kummerle at The Huffington Post, wearing shapewear pushes down on your bladder and abdomen in a way that can “provoke incontinence.” Umm, we prefer full continence…

In addition to that biz, your Spanx also put you at a higher risk of catching a bacterial infection. Love it! NOT.

This sounds like bad news, I know, but like every other amazing/horrible vice (Malibu rum, watermelon sour patch kids, etc..) it’s okay in moderation. Don’t rock your Spanx on the daily, save them for special occasions — simple!


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