Jason Wu For Target Is Already On eBay. #OMG

February 3, 2012 by Eileen Conlan
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This changes everything.

Jason Wu for Target is already on eBay, even though it doesn’t officially launch until Sunday, which means everyone super excited about this collaboration can literally get it now. (If you thought that was funny you must be just as punchy as I am on Friday afternoons!) If you were planning your weekend around refreshing Target’s siteor camping out at the nearest suburban outpost, there’s no need. You’re free. Anyway, while I like the sound of this secret early launch, it’s also bittersweet, because I’m skeptical about how this happened.

See my theory below…

During the latest Target collaboration craze, Missoni for Target, the night before the launch, 200 items mysteriously were up for purchase. Not one store had opened yet. Sure enough, the same thing is happening now – except there are currently only 25 items marked Jason Wu for Target on Ebay (Ed Note: but five minutes ago, when I started this post, there were only 15).We anticipate the number to increase steadily over the weekend.

Sure, it’s possible that the items were from magazine editors and bloggers who got access to the shopping party at the private launches. I remain skeptical, though: haven’t we learned from those girls who got fired for selling magazine beauty closet items on eBay a few years back? Is it really worth the $159 (the current  highest item) or your job? Target has a lot of advertising money to spare, people, which means a LOT in the world of magazines.

The fishiest part of this whole thing is that the PR folks at eBay sent a press release out right after we noticed this that there were currently Jason Wu for Target pieces up on their site. Could they be sending moles to the parties, buying them from tipsy editors crawling out of the party late into the night, or simply striking a deal with Target to split the proceeds themselves?

It’s Friday, so maybe I’m just crazy. (I mean, for all we know, it’s that mischievous kitty cat. If you’ve seen those Jason Wu for Target commercials–embedded below— you know what I mean. The cat designed the line itself, by accident, maybe he/she put ’em up on eBay, too. Fancy Feast ain’t cheap!)

Whatever the answer, collaborations are big business. So go grab a freaking Jason Wu dress, and sell it for four times the price when it sells out on Sunday. Happy weekend!


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