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Karma Bliss Founder Devi Brown Shares The 5 Most Important Meditation Tips For Beginners

October 6, 2016 by Jeanine Edwards
shefinds | Style

Before I first spoke to Devi Brown, I had never really meditated. Sure, I’d been in seminars and meetings where we were supposed to be quiet and focus our thoughts for a certain period of time, but I usually just used that as an opportunity to make (another) mental checklist of things I had to do later in the day. Of course, I’d heard about the countless benefits of meditation, but I never really thought of myself as the meditating type.

And then I interviewed Devi Brown, founder of Karma Bliss and she changed my perception. Yes, she extolled the many, many benefits of meditating, but what really convinced me was her temperament. She was so calm. And peaceful. I wanted that!

So that’s exactly why I convinced Devi to share her top meditation tips for beginner. Trust me, you don’t have to be a yogi pro to experience the benefits of meditating. Just start slow and trust the process and watch it work wonders for you!

Here are Devi’s tips to get you started:

1. Commit to a time. Whether its 10 minutes or 25 minutes (25 minutes 2x per day is ideal), schedule meditation into your routine like you would any other appointment or meeting. This is 100% “ME Time” so don’t short change yourself by skipping over it. If you can find the time to scroll through your social media feeds, then you can definitely find a few moments to be still and quiet.

2. Change your mind. Look at meditation as an investment. This is something you are doing so that you can enhance the quality of your life. Meditation can improve your mental, physical and emotional health. Shifting your thoughts from looking at it as impossible or boring to it being a wise investment make it not only much more enjoyable, but will strengthen your daily commitment to it.

3. You can do it anywhere. Meditation is FREE and can be done absolutely anywhere. All that is required is silence and stillness. If the only time you can find to meditate is on your lunch break, for example, doing it from the car or at the park is perfect! Similarly, if your house is busy and bustling, sneak into the bathroom or hide out in the closet!

4. Release your thoughts. Every single person that has ever wanted to meditate has the same worry: I think too much; there is no way I can do this. Wrong! We are alive, so of course we are going to have thoughts popping up in every moment. The trick with mediation is to release the thoughts as they come up. Meaning, instead of continuing to dedicate head space to it (to-do list, work, family, dating… whatever!) you make the choice to stop thinking that thought and return to silence.

5. Just start. With all the of the time you have spent talking yourself out of even attempting it, you could have already been well on your way to bliss! When it comes to meditation, there is no risk involved! You truly have nothing to loose and everything to gain. So the next time you start debating with yourself all the reasons why meditation won’t work… just sit down comfortably, close your eyes, be quiet… and begin!

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