neuLash Active Eyelash Technology Makes Mascara Optional

May 21, 2009 by SheFindsKatieN
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What: neuLash Active Eyelash Technology



Why: Call me

crazy but I’ve always been intimidated by these eyelash-growing potions that

are now popping up everywhere.  It seems

like a lot of effort spent for questionable results when a wand of mascara will

do just as well, and is it really safe to put that crazy stuff near my eyes?


Enter neuLash

Active Eyelash Technology ($150). 

The fact that it’s completely safe and ophthalmologist-approved was a

huge selling point for me.  And also, I

can’t really claim that it’s sucking away time spent elsewhere—before bed, you

simply swipe the applicator over your top lashes, much like you would liquid

eyeliner.  Fifteen seconds, max.


After four weeks of diligent use, I definitely see a

difference.  My lashes are more feathery at

the ends and a tiny bit fuller.  Granted,

I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one who has noticed—but it’s definitely a

rush knowing that a single coat of mascara will get me the results I used to

see with two.   


One tube of neuLash will last you three months, and of

course, you have to keep using it to continue to see results.  Not exactly a bargain, but when I consider

how much I spend on products that end up NOT working and gathering dust on my

shelf…it doesn’t seem quite so bad.


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