New York Observer Sparks A Battle Of The Bra

January 4, 2008 by Bryn
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We've all felt the pang of embarrassment on a cold day when our bosoms become a bit too pointed. And I know I've battled the dreaded cup overflow from an ill-fitting bra. But thankfully, these mishaps were put to rest when the lined bra graced the shelves of lingerie departments worldwide. Also referred to as the T-shirt or contour bra, this magical creation eliminated the embarrassment of spontaneous nipple erection, and offered a smooth, flawless shape under all ensembles. 

So why would anyone ever object to such an innovation? Apparently, Nina Roberts of The New York Observer has a bone to pick with the creators of what she refers to as "21st-Century Falsies". According to Roberts, this contraption is responsible for homogenizing the shapes of women's breasts, and creating illusions of grandeur when it comes to the actual size of what they are cupping. 

However, aside from the author, most women seem to be perfectly okay with this type of bra.  We understand that without extra lining, women are apt to be recipients of unwanted attention when our breasts, namely our nipples, don't stay in place.  We also appreciate the smooth lines and extra lift these linings provide.  And according to the vast popularity of the contoured bras, they have to be doing something right. I, for one, will continue to walk proudly in my new age falsies, with the security of knowing that there is a thin yet fabulous shield protecting my breasts from the cold, ruthless world. 

What do you think? Are lined bras the work of the devil or an absolute blessing? Let us know below. 

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