Oh Crap. The Perm Is Back

March 24, 2008 by Bryn
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There are many hairstyles I'm embarrassed to admit to having throughout my formative years, but the perm I must say takes the cake. I rocked the perm for a good 3 years straight – which I can only attribute to the mind-altered state I was put in by the fumes my chemically-altered locks exuded near my nose. However, I never laid blame on myself entirely for this fashion faux-pas. I was merely a victim of the times. Women everywhere fell prey to the awful 80s fashions: stirrup pants, Wigwam socks, neon slapstick bracelets, and kinky, teased, mile-high hair. But we have all healed from this dark time (except maybe my Aunt Janice who still thinks black leather pants and magenta lipstick are appropriate family holiday attire) and moved onto more chic and streamlined looks, refusing to be coerced back into the doldrums of the Brat Pack decade – save the occasional legging ensemble or subtle bangle bracelet adornment.

But like the ex-boyfriend who calls out of nowhere and sucks you in with his smooth talk and unrelenting sex appeal, the 80s perm is back on the scene. It hasn't quite exploded onto the American shores yet, but is quietly making its way westward from Asia to the streets of London. According to Telegraph UK and the Daily Mail, sales of home perm kits have risen by 50% in the past year, and British singer Sarah Harding has been spotted about town rocking the curly locks. So it's only a matter of time before this kinky trend jumps the waters and lands on the heads of Americans – we've already seen Hilary Duff getting spiral happy as of late. Who's next? Now there's a chance this trend may not take (I used to hear the same thing back in the salon when I was actually getting the perm). The all-knowing Millionaire Matchmaker seems to believe that curly hair is grotesque and women should stick to straight hair if they want to snag a man. What do you think? Are perms about to experience a second coming?

And if you're gonna take the plunge, make sure to keep those locks plenty moisturized after the deed is done. We suggest Redken's All Soft haircare line – a fave among top stylists for any hair that needs a boost of moisture. 

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