Please Tell Me The People of Wisconsin Aren't This Dumb...

March 2, 2012 by Mom Jeanine
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I don’t know mean any personal offense to the folks of Wisconsin, but WTH is going there? I just finished reading an article about some senator from your great state named Glenn Grothman who is apparently trying to push a bill that “emphasize(s) nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.

Umm, excuse me? As a single mother, I take personal offense that you think my marital status has anything to do with how I’m raising my daughter. I’m also appalled that you think the fact that I am not married implies I either (a) abuse or (b) neglect my child. Is this serious? Like seriously, Wisconsin-ers? Why the heck hasn’t someone slapped this guy silly?

Okay, violence is never the answer and I know that. But this is absolutely ridiculous. As if single parents don’t have it hard enough trying to raise a child on our own, we now have to worry about being further stigmatized as unloving, neglectful parents. This is unreal. If it’s single and unmarried parents this time, who’s next? Working mothers? Moms who don’t breastfeed for exactly 6 months?

Because I am a single mother, I would like this Glenn Grothman guy to know that being the only parent in the household not only makes me more cognizant as a parent, it also makes me hyper-aware of issues of neglect and abuse. My daughter’s father is notoriously unreliable and has a horrible temper, which means I take extra caution to ensure she feels loved, cared for and protected both when I am with her and when she is with her caregiver. And I’m positive that I’m not the only single parent making sure his/her child is not a victim of neglect or abuse.

Now, of course, there are bad single parents. But is it because they’re not married? I highly doubt it. I know plenty of married parents who could learn a thing or two about TLC when it comes to child-rearing. I’m just not buying this crock that marital status and bad parenting are related. I know too many amazing single parents to believe it to be true.

So if you ask me, the real children in danger here are kids with parents as dumb and close-minded as this Glenn Grothman guy.

What do you think? Do you think Grothman’s bill to have single parents flagged for potentially abusing or neglecting their children has merit? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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