Can't Find Your Cell Phone Or Keys? How To Get Your Handbag Organized Quickly

November 27, 2007 by Bryn
shefinds |

What: Purse Pleaser, $24.95

Why: It's happened to everyone. You've just ordered that double tall sugar free vanilla latte as a special morning treat. You go for your wallet. Twenty people impatiently huff and haw behind you as you dig frantically through that beautiful (obnoxiously big, but still beautiful) bag you never leave home without. Where is that wallet?! It's lipstick red lizard skin for Christ's sake, not exactly incognito! Stress-free latte bliss ruined.

Enter the Purse Pleaser, a lightweight organizer designed to secure everything in your purse with individual compartments for common items. The Purse Pleaser also enables your purse to stand on its own, eliminating the risk of spillage (and loss of important contents). And though its name is certainly cringe-worthy, it's ability to let you quickly locate and answer that ringing cell phone, is not. Trust me; your days as a professional purse miner are numbered.

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