Curlism Rears Its Ugly Head Again On Good Morning America. SheFinds Fights Back.

August 13, 2008 by SheFindsCatesby
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Again? Really? So soon? 'Twas a mere 6 months ago that SheFinds decided to celebrate curly hair after Millionaire Matchmaker chastised two spiral-locked contestants, telling one woman that "men prefer long, silky hair." SheFinds was outraged–as were our readers. One of you wrote in, "Go Team NaturallyCurly!" after our Celebrate the Curl post, pithily adding "Men like women who love themselves."

And yet curlism has once again reared its ugly head on television, this time in a Good Morning America segment in which a curly-haired correspondent decides to "determine" whether she looks more attractive with a straightened or natural style. In a completely unscientific experiment, she asks five random white guys which 'do they prefer. Their responses: universally anti-curl. "Frazzled", "wild", and "distracting" are three particularly unflattering adjectives they use to describe the GMA reporter's curly hair.

Oh, so problematic. Where do I begin? How about with the Anglocentric slant? The reporter says she has chosen "five average guys", but in my America "average" is definitely not white and middle-aged. It's doubtful that an actual cross-section of society–one that included, say, Puerto Rican, black, and Jewish men–would react so disdainfully to the GMA correspondent's curly hair. Afros and braids and close-shorn cuts, to name a few styles excellently rocked by the naturally curly, are the opposite of "long and silky"–but that does not make them un-beautiful! 

So who are these TV people taking it upon themselves to define what men do and don't like? Down with curlism! Long live the spiral! And here's how you can care for your curly hair, making it so undeniably gorgeous that you'll never doubt your luscious locks again, no matter how many short-sighted TV personalities try to bring you down.

The most fundamental treatment for curly hair is a de-frizzer. John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum ($9.09) is a standard, or you could try the higher-end salon product Sebastian Potion 9 ($14.99). Get yourself one or both–just remember that a de-frizzer is a must-have!

frizz   potion

If you've already got a de-frizzer and are looking for a more comprehensive hair regimen to tame your mane, the best products are from Ouidad. The company has a whole line of specialized products, designed to boost, tame, quench, remedy, and finish your style. We particuarly like the idea behind this Clear and Gentle Shampoo ($13) which cleans deeply enough to get rid of product but delicately enough not to damage curly hair. Or this Botanical Boost Spray-in Conditioner ($16), which seals in mositure and infuses hair with aloe vera, one of nature's best healers.

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