Millennial Real Talk: Life After College Is Actually Better--And Here's Why

February 13, 2014 by Sara Alderman
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You Can Choose Who You Want To See And When Since you're not on campus for the majority of your day anymore, you can choose who you want to see in your free time. You won't be forced to hang out with the annoying chicks in your sorority or that weird kid from your group project. And the best part awkward next morning run-ins on your way to class! [Photo: Wildfox]

Your Weekends Are Entirely Yours There's no test to study for or long term projects to work on, so spend your weekend with friends, doing fun things like boozy brunch or exploring different neighborhoods in whatever city you live in. [Photo: MinkPink]

You Have Your Own Money Okay, so you might not have a lot of it, but the money you make is your own. You can save it...or blow it all on Nordstrom's shoe sale and not eat for the week! Doesn't it feel great to have the cash power?! [Photo: Shutterstock]

You Don't Have Homework Back to having no work on the weekends, you don't have assignments to do on weeknights either. Sure, there are always exceptions, you might have to go to an event for your company after work, or stay late some nights, but that doesn't happen all the time. You can leave at 6 and be done for the night! Goodbye work, helloooo TV. [Photo: Shutterstock]

You Have So Many New People To Meet This has probably been my favorite part about post-grad life. At school, you have the freshman class to meet each year, and that's pretty much it. Plus by the time you're a junior, you're not really interested in meeting the youngins' or branching outside your friend group. Which is totally okay and all (I'm the first to admit I was like that). If you moved to a new city, you've probably been set up with friends of friends or have really put yourself out there to meet new people, whether that means joining a yoga club or signing up for a recreational sports team. If you moved back home (or to the city closest to your hometown), you're probably meeting your high school friends college friends, or your college friends high school friends, or both! But no matter which situation you're in, you're meeting new people at work. It's important to find at least one person to connect with because sometimes, you just need to complain to someone at 2pm on a Tuesday. [Photo: Shutterstock]

You Don't Need Anyone's Permission To Do Anything Yes, you had freedom like this in college, but for those of you who were still living on your parents money, you didn't have permission to do anything. Want to book a random trip to Mexico because the weather sucks in NY? Do it. Your parents have no power to say no to you anymore (okay, but the police do). [Photo: MinkPink]

You're Dating Pool Just Got 10 Times Bigger I don't know about you, but the dating pool at my school was pretty small. I feel like even if you go to a state school with 40,000 students, your choice of guys isn't as much as you thought it'd be before you got there. But now that you live in a city, there's literally thousands of guys to meet. Plus with all the crazy dating apps these days, meeting a new guy who isn't a douchey frat boy doesn't seem impossible. [Photo: Shutterstock]

You Can Spend Time Doing Things You Actually Like Whatever you choose to do with your time doesn't have to revolve around your major, sorority or extracurriculars. You might be surprised to find that you actually enjoy doing something you never thought of OR had time to do before. [Photo: Shutterstock]



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