I Didn’t Realize How Bad Regular Shampoo Was For My Hair Until I Stopped Using It

January 31, 2018 by Jennifer Hussein
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Battling dry and damaged hair is the absolute worst. For years my hair was an unmanageably frizzy, tangled mess, and I’ve gone through a variety of products to try to  tame my tresses to no avail. While on my hunt for a solution,  I realized one major thing that should’ve been a no-brainer: what I use in the shower could be doing some major damage to my locks. After making some switches to my shampoo, I found out that not all shampoos are created equal, and some are definitely better for your hair than others.

regular shampoo bad for hair girl washing shower

Parabens and silicones are just the beginning of the damaging ingredients in regular shampoo!

For years, I would wash my hair with just about any cheap, regular shampoo. I would never check the ingredient list, and I would unknowingly lather my hair in toxic, harmful ingredients like parabens, silicones, and hair dyes. Little did I know that these harmful toxins can not only fry my hair, but it can also cause some serious harm to my entire health!

“Ingredients like parabens can absorb easily through the scalp and cause harm to the body,” adds Faith Huffnagle, Director of Education for the leading haircare customization brand Prose. “Nowadays, premium haircare brands no longer include parabens, which have been linked to breast cancer and early signs of puberty in young girls. Since parabens have been known to closely mimic the activity of estrogen in the body cells, parabens are highly discouraged in hair and beauty products no matter a woman’s age.”

Parabens aren’t the only major ingredient I learned to avoid. Huff stated that some of the worst ingredients found in many shampoos include “sulfates (which strips the hair of its natural oils), dyes, phthalates (can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system) and GMOs (genetically modified organisms).” Yikes!

The major lesson I learned: always read the label! If you keep an eye on the ingredients in the foods your putting in your body, shouldn’t you also be wary of what you’re lathering on it too? Making sure your shampoos are free of the toxic ingredients listed above by Huff is one of the very few ways to truly give your hair a healthier and happier life.

So, where can you start in your toxin-free shampoo journey? Start with one of my favorite holistic haircare picks: Prose! This haircare company is completely revolutionizing the way you treat your hair by offering fresh and custom-made hair products crafted with only the finest natural ingredients. Its free of any toxins and all products can be made gluten-free, vegan, and fragrance-free, so even the most sensitive scalps can use Prose products at ease.

For such a priceless effect their products have on your hair, each product starts at just $28. Silky smooth locks at a major bargain like that? Sign us up, ASAP!

If Prose’s hair products have caught your attention, you can get their perfectly tailored haircare products by having a product consultation either by visiting their salon specialists at their salon locations or on their website!

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