Runway Recap: USA! USA! USA!

August 7, 2008 by Bryn
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Here's the latest from SheFinds writer Casey:

I absolutely adored last night's challenge … topical, interesting, and fun.  Design a prototype Olympic Opening Ceremony outfit. As a kid, I would watch those ceremonies transfixed and I would get so excited when team America marched into the arena. They always looked so together and clean-cut (though I have a memory of big boxy jackets that I was not a fan of, even as a child). I think the designers generally did a terrific job with this one.
Additionally, last night was also the first time I thought we got a better glimpse at who these designers are. And they are certainly a motley little crew… we have the kooky Blayne whose only desire aside from sewing is finding a tanning salon for fear of the life force draining out of him if he turns pale, biker Stella who is absolutely growing on me, token straight guy Joe, the frumpy long haired brunettes Leanne and Jennifer, 40s pinup Kenley, blonde tattooed kewpie doll Kelli, international entry Korto, tough as nails Terri, third-person talker Suede, woe-is-me Daniel and peter-pan-outfit-wearing Jerell.
Apolo Ohno, making the most of his 15 minutes of reality tv fame, presented the challenge and served as a guest judge. I think the challenge posed an interesting question: how athletic and patriotic should you go?  In some cases the two parts of the equation were completely ignored. Cases in point, these two dresses by Daniel and Kenley. I think they were heading to the same cocktail soiree.


Stella, Stella, Stella.  She will always be biker chic and I must say I dug the spikes she was wearing in the interview pieces — she is a classic character. I am beginning to love her. I almost didn't want to like her biker-athlete-chic design, but in the end it was pretty awesome. It said "Don't F*** with America!" and "We will kick your ASS at badminton!" — important sentiments going into the Olympics, no?

I liked Terri's sportswear ensemble and it was exceptionally well done — she is a machine, that Terri. However I kept wondering whether that tube top was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Leanne also did some classic looking sportswear that reminded me of preppy handbook tennis dresses. And yes, Korto's simple, elegant, and sporty ensemble was sharp, but I think it was missing the interest and athleticism of Joe's and  Stella's.  I would have chosen one of those two over Korto.

As for the losing outfit… I am in agreement. Though both Daniel and Jennifer made wholly inappropriate outfits for the occasion, at least Daniel used the right COLORS.  Did Jennifer spill her drink on her red fabric?  Is that why it was blue, gold and white?

This is no Olympian, but perhaps she can help you navigate the Dewey Decimal system?
Bye Bye Jen , which is a relief because now I won't get my frumpy long haired brunettes mixed up anymore.
Til next week!  Happy fashioning and Go Team!

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