Runway Recap: Welcome Designers To Yet Another Year Of Heidi And The Gang

July 17, 2008 by Bryn
shefinds |

Here's the latest Runway Recap from SheFinds Casey… 

Let me start out by welcoming everyone to the fifth season of our beloved Project Runway!  The last season on Bravo and the last season in NYC.
I loved the full-circle of going back to Gristedes for a grocery challenge — for sentimental reasons as well as the fact that I love the odd materials – grocery store, craft store, plant store — these are the ones that challenge the designers to really think outside the box.  Or rather they are supposed to be.  I found it absolutely ridiculous that so many of the designers, with all of the cool and interesting materials in a grocery store, opted for tablecloths as their medium — the whole point of the grocery store was NOT to use fabric!  And the fact that Austin Scarlett was there to guest judge (as the first winner of this very challenge with a spectacular corn-husk dress) was a hint that they should be looking for unusual materials.
Thank goodness our hero Tim Gunn was there to advise them that this tablecloth path was not a good one to pursue and most of them at least made alterations so there wasn't a parade of picnics down the runway (that is, after many picnic dresses were nearly complete).
Thankfully there were designers like Kelli, Terri, Daniel, Blayne, and Stella who opted instead for more creative materials. Which is not to say they did good things with them. I agreed that Kelli's vacuum cleaner bag/push pins/coffee filter dress was inspired — not only in the selection of items, but in the thought that went into it. She won in my living room too. The blue plastic cup dress made by Daniel was incredible — it fit the model like it was poured onto her — like an S&M getup for the dixie cup set.  
And I wholly agree with the three bottom dwellers: Blayne, Stella, and Jerry. Where I disagree was with the choice of who went home.  I guess at this point they have no choice but to make the selection based on potential and in that vein I can see why they chose to keep weirdo Stella with her garbage bag "dress" which looked more like, well, just a garbage bag, and freako Blayne with his bizarre — I can't call it a dress — diaper thing. Jerry's raincoat made from a white shower curtain with yellow dish-washing gloves did look, as Michael Kors and Heidi said, like something you'd wear to kill someone.
Stella would have been my choice to go, her trash bag dress was thrown together and showed zero creativity.  That said, given my druthers I would have opted to throw a massive wrench in the format and sent home two, possibly all three of them.  But then where would I be left?  With less Project Runway to enjoy this season — and that, my friends, would be an unacceptable fate.
Until next week, auf wiedersehen!

Click here to catch up on last season's coverage of PRunway. 

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