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SheFinds Asks You: Bushy Brows, Hot or Not?

May 5, 2009 by SheFindsEmily
shefinds | Style

The Topic: Bushy, Caterpillar Eyebrows

The Debate: In August of 2006, when the bushy eyebrow trend was in full force and so completely in the spotlight that even the New York Times covered the style, I had my misgivings. Now, almost a full year later, it seems to be back in full force and bushy brows are bigger than ever.

imageIn my opinion, this trend is getting out of hand. Runway shots of women sporting eyebrows bigger than their brow bones are getting painfully prolific. It’s gotten past the point of natural, and makeup is now being employed to fill in and expand on what is already garishly bushy. Is this actually sexy? The answer is crystal clear to me; a resounding and undeniable 'no.'

In defense of my crusade against the bushy brow I bring you one of the worst caterpillar attacks of the season: Sienna Miller sporting huge brown slabs on her pale forehead. Red lipstick, blond hair, gargantuan brown eyebrows? Forgive me, but while some will follow suit with this horrible beauty trend, I choose to laugh from the sidelines.

The Verdict: Not hot. I’m all for getting away from the pencil-thin horrors of decades gone by, but this too much. Even if you do decide to grow your eyebrows in, I believe that moderate shaping or the plucking of stray hairs is still advised. Trim away the bush with illuminated tweezers and then tame and shape with tinted Anastasia Eyebrow Gel.

What do you think? Is it time to take a weed whacker to these things or what? Tell us what you really think.

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